Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3698

When Sheikh brought this news back to the Gulf of Aden, the entire pirate organisation in the Gulf of Aden breathed a complete sigh of relief and even had a feeling of having survived the robbery.

What they were most afraid of was that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was going to drive them to extinction and completely cut off their financial routes.

But what they didn’t expect was that the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons did not intend to completely monopolise the entire Gulf of Aden escort business.

In this way, it left them ample room for survival.

Everyone quickly and joyfully reached two understandings, firstly: before the launch of the Wan Long Temple’s escort website, all speedboats would rest and no one would be allowed to go out to sea to hijack merchant ships so as not to offend Wan Long Temple; secondly: after the launch of the Wan Long Temple’s escort website, the escort website would be strictly used as a guide for action and no one would ever touch any of the ships escorted by Wan Long Temple.

Immediately afterwards, something shocking happened to the shipping industry.

In the entire Gulf of Aden, there was no longer a single pirate speedboat to be seen cruising around, and it was as if the pirates had withdrawn en ma*se from the place in an instant.

Ye Chen didn’t even expect that the business of armed escort for the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was running so smoothly.

According to this situation, going forward, the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple could almost make money lying down in the Gulf of Aden.

Under the premise that these pirates did not dare to provoke the Dragon Palace, the Dragon Palace did not even need to really send escorts, it only needed to publish the information of the ships that had paid the escort fees on its own escort website, and then it could collect money lying down.

The pirates will not be stupid enough to come after the Dragon Palace, after all, there are still half of the merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden that are escorted by other international security companies.

As for those international security companies, they are not enough to be feared by the pirates, because the larger ones only have a few hundred armed personnel, and can never take out the leader of a pirate group like the Dragon Palace, and the pirates are not afraid of them at all.

Of course, Ye Chen also did not suggest that Wan Long Temple really lie down and make money, since it had killed into this field of armed escort with a high hand, naturally it was necessary to put out the spirit.

Therefore, he still exhorted Wan Breaking Army that the escort work must not be sloppy and careless, and that once the cargo ship previously prepared to be a sea base was renovated, it had to regularly patrol the waters of the Gulf of Aden, always reminding those pirates to get the hell out of the way.

And just when the Gulf of Aden has temporarily calmed down, the Jinling, where Ye Chen is located, has started to have dark currents.

In the past two days, the Mayo Center in the United States was continuing to release the treatment results of the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills.

With each day the patient’s condition improved significantly, the world’s confidence in the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill continued to grow.

This has also made the world somewhat impatient for this medicine.

Especially after learning that not much of this medicine was produced, many of the world’s powerful and noble cla*ses also began to have their hearts set on this medicine.

According to the report from Hongwu’s junior, the number of expatriates arriving in Jinling in the past two days was significantly higher than usual.

The few five-star hotels, which are normally rarely full, are also basically full now.