Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4509

After saying that, he said to the two men, “Sect Master, Mr. Zhong, I will take my leave first, and I will definitely tell you both as soon as I have any news!”

Godfather Lin turned and walked away. Seeing Zhong Yunqiu’s anxious face, Hong Yuanshan rea*sured him, “Yunqiu, you don’t have to worry too much, I believe that no one on Hong Kong Island would dare to do anything to them.”

Zhong Yunqiu said with a bitter face, “Godfather, I’m not going to lie, even if that Wuji is not suspected, I’m afraid that there are other desperate people who want money more than life and have kidnapped Zitao for ransom!”

Hong Yuanshan waved his hand, “Yunqiu, it doesn’t matter if someone from the outside kidnaps Zitao, Instructor Lin is a three-star martial artist that I’ve paid a lot of money for, with him around, no matter who dares to harm Zitao, I’ll make sure he dies without a burial place!”

Zhong Yunqiu was surprised and asked, “A three-star martial artist? Godfather, where did you invite such a true god from?”

Hong Yuanshan smiled faintly and said arrogantly, “Instructor Lin used to be a three-star warrior in the famous Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but he was expelled from the Hall two years ago for violating discipline. It was only after I had sacrificed my old face to make peace and then used various attacking tactics that I was able to take him under my command.”

As he said that, Hong Yuanshan looked at Zhong Yunqiu and said seriously, “Look, a three-star martial artist is a great god in my place, and I have to make offerings every day, but now the income of Hongmen is not very optimistic, and I am under great financial pressure here.

Zhong Yunqiu’s heart fluttered.

He had never known that there was still a three-star martial artist sitting here in Hongyuan Mountain, and right now his heart was also very worried.

After all, a three-star martial artist was so powerful that if he was used as an a*sa*sin, he could definitely kill people invisibly, which meant that once he tore himself apart from Hong Yuanshan, he would probably let himself die unnoticed.

Therefore, Zhong Yunqiu could not help but shrink his neck, and then hurriedly said, “Godfather, you don’t need to be so polite with me! If there’s anything I can do to help, you can just tell me.”

After saying that, he deliberately pretended to remember something and said with surprise, “Right, Godfather, didn’t that Liu Jiahui guy put $30 million in secret to kill Chen Zhao Zhong, who had cuckolded him? Since that Lin instructor is already a three-star martial artist, if he is the one to take care of it, the 30 million dollars will be a breeze?”

Hong Yuanshan coldly snorted, “I’m not angry if you don’t talk about this, it’s true that Professor Lin is also very interested in this matter, but he has already greeted me this afternoon, saying that this is his personal act, and if he succeeds, then this $30 million dark flower has nothing to do with Hongmen, it all belongs to him alone.”

Zhong Yunqiu frowned, “There is still such a thing?! Then this Lin instructor is too blind, isn’t he? Not to mention that he himself is a member of the Hong Sect, how could he possibly bypa*s the Hong Sect and act alone?”

Hong Yuanshan said angrily, “Earlier on, in order to clear the air with him and get him to work for me, I did agree to many of his requests, the most important of which was that he did not want to join the Hong Clan officially, but was hired to train the Red Batons for the Hong Clan in the name of the Sect Leader. , there’s not much I can f*cking do about it!”

“Tsk ……” Zhong Yunqiu could not help but frown and lamented, “It seems this man is indeed not so controllable!”

As he spoke, what he was thinking in his mind was that since this Lin Instructor had not officially joined the Hong Sect and was relatively money-loving, he might be able to find an opportunity to get in touch with him in the future, and it would be even better if he could make him work for him.

Hong Yuanshan was unaware of his petty thoughts and just took the opportunity to cry poverty, “Yunqiu, I originally thought that after the $30 million Dark Flower was taken this time, Hongmen’s economic situation could have a bigger link, but now it seems that this matter is going to fall through, I’m afraid.”

Saying that, he raised his head to look at Zhong Yunqiu and said seriously, “Yunqiu, Hongmen can only rely on you to help more with the difficult situation at the moment!”