Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4133

With emotion, Ye Chen could not help but ask, “Uncle Chen, how did you come to New York afterwards?”

Chen Zhao Zhong let out a bitter smile and said, “After Young Master Chang Ying died, I quietly went to Jin Ling to pay my respects, and when I planned to return to Hong Kong Island, the big man who wanted to kill me heard about Young Master Chang Ying’s accidental death, so he immediately issued another order to kill him. Now ……”

The first thing I did was to go to the U.S., and I was able to stay there until now.” said Chen Zhao Zhong, “Young Master Ye, where have you been all these years? Back then, Mr. Gu traveled almost all over the world to find you, and made several trips to the United States alone, and I even helped him search for you in the United States several times together but to no avail ……”

Gu Qiuyi, who was on the side, hurriedly said, “Brother Ye Chen, my father and I also came to New York to look for you before, and it was Uncle Zhong who received us at that time, right here at this hotel!”

Saying that, she looked at Chen Zhao Zhong and said with a smile, “Uncle Zhong, I remember when I first came to your place with my dad, I was just eight years old, the last time I came I was twenty, now I am twenty-six, and your place still hasn’t changed at all.”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled faintly, “I’m a person, it’s hard to change after I get used to something, in fact, to put it bluntly, I’m just lazy.”

Gu Qiu Yi looked at Ye Chen and explained, “Brother Ye Chen, in the past when I came to America with my father to look for you, Uncle Zhong’s place was the first place to land, oh yes, Uncle Zhong’s roast goose, it tastes especially good!”

Chen Zhao Zhong couldn’t care less about modesty and couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Gu, how did you find Young Master Ye? Where did you find him?”

Ye Chen spoke, “Uncle Chen, I’ve actually been in Jinling the whole time.”

Chen Zhao Zhong was dumbfounded as he listened, exclaiming, “How could that be? It seems that many people, including Mr. Gu, had gone to Jinling to look for you at the beginning, but everyone came up empty-handed ……”

Hearing this question, Ye Chen then told the story about Tang Sihai placing himself in the orphanage.

After hearing this, Chen Zhao Zhong could not help but sigh: “I have met Tang Sihai a few times, at that time, I thought that this person was thick in the heart and righteous, but I did not expect that his strategy was so strong, this hand of black under the lamp, played very well indeed!”

Gu Qiuyi said with a smile at this time, “Uncle Zhong, can we talk while we eat, I’m hungry.”

Chen Zhao Zhong hurriedly said, “Fine, fine, blame me, Miss Gu, Young Master Ye, you two please sit down first, I’ll go to the back kitchen to prepare the meal.”

As he said that, he looked at Ye Chen and said shamefully, “Young Master Ye, there are not many dishes that my small shop is good at, so I will just serve some of them for you to try, so I won’t arrange for you to order!”

Ye Chen said politely, “Thank you, Uncle Chen, thank you for your hard work.”

“Of course, of course! You two please sit down first, I’ll be right there!”

Chen Zhao Zhong said, turning around and darting down the stairs.

Gu Qiuyi looked at Ye Chen with a smile on her face and asked him in a low voice, “Brother Ye Chen, aren’t you a bit confused?”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and nodded, “A little …… I thought you were just calling me out for a meal, so I really didn’t react ……”

Gu Qiuyi smiled mysteriously, then took out her mobile phone from her pocket, handed it to Ye Chen and said, “Brother Ye Chen, my father explained to me earlier that when you come, let you listen to this paragraph.”

Ye Chen was a little surprised, and when he looked up, he saw that on the screen of his mobile phone was Gu Qiu Yi’s WeChat dialog box with her father, Gu Yan Zhong.

At the bottom, there was a voice message, and when Ye Chen took the phone and tried to click play, Gu Qiuyi quickly reminded him, “Brother Ye Chen, use the earpiece mode to listen!”

Ye Chen nodded his head, clicked play and immediately put the phone against his ear.

Within the earpiece, Gu Yanzhong’s voice came out, and he said very solemnly, “Chen’er, back then, your father once told me that the one who wins Chen Zhaozhong will win the world, such a pillar of talent, you absolutely cannot let it go! No matter what, you must persuade him to come out and help you!”