Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4288

Fei Shanhai was furious and blurted out, “Didn’t I tell you that you must tell me as soon as they return, why did it take you 10 minutes to report to me?

The butler said helplessly, “The informant on the immigration side is in direct contact with you, he sent you a message and you didn’t reply, that’s why he found me ……”

Fei Shanhai exclaimed, “Where’s my phone?!”

The old lady subconsciously said, “You were in first aid and your clothes had to come off, so I put the phone away for you along with your clothes ……”

“b*****d!” Fei Shanhai cursed angrily, “Do you know how much I was delayed for ten minutes?! I had several a*sa*sins standing by 24 hours a day near the airport to take them both out the first time they dared to return to New York, and now ten minutes have pa*sed! They’ve already disappeared!”

The old lady said aggrievedly, “How did I know this would happen ……”

Fei Shanhai glared at her in exasperation and said angrily, “I’ll settle the score with you later!”

Saying that, he muttered, “The old man dares to come back at this time, maybe he knows we’re in trouble and wants to take this opportunity to flip the tables! This old fox is really extraordinary, he’s over ninety years old, and he still manages to find an opportunity to kill a comeback at a time like this!”

Fei Xuebin hurriedly asked, “Dad, so what do we do now?”

After thinking about it, Fei Shanhai said to his third son, Fei Xuemin, “Xuemin, immediately release the secret flower to the public, no matter who can kill them both, I will give one billion dollars! Hurry up! Be quick! Make sure that anyone in the whole of New York who dares to kill, or who doesn’t dare to kill, takes to the streets with a gun to find their whereabouts!”

At this moment, Fei Shanhai had already thrown his deepest fear of Ye Chen out of his heart.

He knew very well that his father’s return at this time was definitely not a good thing, and was likely to be to regain the position of family head.

Fei Shanhai had waited for so many years before finally waiting for an opportunity to force Fei Jianzhong to abdicate using apparently legal means, coupled with the threat of death.

However, once Fei Jianzhong returned, he could still take back the vast majority of the Fei family’s a*sets in name only.

Although Fei Jianzhong had lost his position as chairman, he could ask for a division of the Fei family’s a*sets and divest himself of that portion of the Fei Group’s a*sets.

Once he gets his way, then 90 percent of the Fei family’s a*sets will be under Fei Jianzhong’s name.

At that time, even if he could still sit as the head of the Fei family, the Fei family would never be the current Fei family, and its size would shrink by at least ten times.

Therefore, Fei Shanhai immediately considered getting rid of his father and niece as the most urgent task at hand.

At this time, the old lady asked him, “Are you still going to the emergency shelter?”

“No.” Fei Shanhai shook his head and said, “If I go to the emergency shelter now, in case the old man kills back and I’m not there, the others might just fall over themselves! I have to sit here at this time no matter what I say!”

After saying that, he was ruthless and gritted his teeth, “At a time like this, we must not let Old Master take advantage of the opportunity to turn the tide no matter what! If that Ye dares to come tonight, we’ll fight him no matter what. If he doesn’t come, we’ll find a way to take out the old man!”