Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3785

But unexpectedly, Fei Ke Xin’s a*sistant suddenly called him. He said that Miss Fei wanted to see him for an interview.

Smith did not dare to offend Fei Kexin, so he could only hang up the phone and then immediately rush to the appointment.

When he arrived at the door of Fei’s presidential suite, Fei’s personal bodyguard, Luo Jiacheng, was standing motionless outside the door.

Smith walked up to him, gave a mountainous smile and said, “Hello, I’m here to see Miss Fei.”

Luo Jiacheng just looked him up and down before nodding his head and saying, “Miss is waiting for you inside, please come in.”

With that, he simply turned around and pushed open the door to the room.

Smith asked in surprise, “Don’t you want to do a body search or a security check or something?”

“No need.” Luo Jiacheng said blandly, “I know you don’t have any weapons on you.”

Smith shrugged his shoulders, “Alright, I’ll go in then.”

After saying that, he walked straight in.

At this moment, in the nearly 100 square meter living room of the presidential suite, Chen Ying Shan was sitting on the sofa flipping through information, when she saw Smith enter, she hurriedly said, “Mr. Smith please sit for a moment first, the lady is changing her clothes.”

“Good ……” Smith nodded and sat down on a single sofa, asking with some curiosity, “Miss Chen, I wonder what Miss Fei has asked me to do here?”

Chen Ying Shan said, “Miss wants to ask you about someone, and it’s someone you’re probably looking for as well.”

“Is that so?” Smith was surprised and asked, “Who is it?”

Chen Ying Shan said, “The lady will naturally tell you later.”

“Okay.” Smith nodded, and was guilty of muttering in his heart.

At that moment, Fei Ke Xin, who was wearing a white dress with a sarong draped over her shoulders, came out of the inner room and, seeing Smith sitting in the living room, said casually, “Mr. Smith is here.”

Smith hurriedly stood up and said very respectfully, “Hello, Miss Fei!”

Fei Ke Xin nodded and said casually, “Please sit down, there is no need to be so polite.”

Only then did Smith sit back down again.

Fei Ke Xin sat down opposite Smith and asked with interest, “By the way Mr. Smith, how are things going with you?”

Smith said awkwardly, “Not much progress …… Wei Liang of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals has been unwilling to see me.”

Fei Ke Xin nodded and asked him, “That Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill, is the medicinal effect really magical?”

“Fantastic!” Smith spoke without thinking, “This medicine against cancer is like pouring boiled aluminium water into an ant’s nest, the ants are not left behind wherever the rain goes.”

Finkle asked him, “Can it cure cancer completely?”

Smith said, “We haven’t seen any cancer patients actually cured by this drug yet, but according to the data we have now on the power of the drug, if you keep taking this drug, you will be able to continuously kill cancer cells in your body, and the effect of the drug will not diminish in the slightest as you use more of it, so according to the model we know now, if there are enough of this drug, the patients will definitely be cured.”

At this point, Smith exclaimed, “I can say that if this drug is officially launched and made available in unlimited quantities, then all previous cancer treatments around the world will be a thing of the past, because there is no drug or any treatment that is better than it!”

Fei Ke Xin was shocked and asked, “What about the market space for this drug? How big can it be?”

Smith thought for a moment and said seriously, “The annual global cost of cancer treatment is about US$600 to 800 billion, of which drugs account for more than US$200 billion. If the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill is supplied in unlimited quantities, it will achieve a monopoly of at least half of the market share, and the remaining half should be that patients who cannot afford the Jiu Xuan Zai Pill will only be forced to choose the previous treatment options. ”

Fei Ke Xin couldn’t help but think, “If that’s the case, then I’m afraid that Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s annual net profit will exceed US$100 billion.”

“If a company whose annual profit breaks through a hundred billion dollars goes public, the market value of that company, will be at least ten times the annual profit, that’s a trillion dollars ……”

“Moreover, if Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s concept is new enough and its monopoly position is solid enough, the market value will continue to climb, and perhaps Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical will surpa*s Apple and become the world’s highest market value company ……”

Thinking of this, she was even more curious about whether Ye Chen was the owner behind Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals or not.

So, she took the tablet computer from Chen Yingshan’s hand, opened the photo of Ye Chen taken from the car recorder, handed it to Smith, and asked, “Mr. Smith, the director of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, Ye Chen, who you met with, is this the person?”