Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3874

When the other party heard that Vivian wanted to buy the 718, he subconsciously said, “You’re a D**k! 600,000, with a minimum down payment of 300,000 and first year insurance of over 10,000, I’m not saying, where are you going to get that much money?”

Vivian laughed, “Oh, who are you looking down on? I’m telling you, I got a big deal today, and I’ll get paid on the 15th of next month, and I’ll get 300,000 in commission!”

“Crap!” The other party exclaimed, “Really? What kind of big deal is that, 300,000 commission? I work hard selling used cars, but I only get $80,000 a month. If your shop is so profitable, I’ll go to your shop for a job interview some day!”

Vivian laughed smugly, “Oh, you think anyone can get into our shop just because they want to? We only recruit a few people each year, but there are hundreds of competitors, and our pa*s rate is less than one percent! Besides, we serve high-end customers, so the requirements are very high, not only for image and temperament, but also for education and English language skills.

“Day!” The other party said resentfully, “Isn’t it just selling clothes and shoes at the counter? Why are there so many f*cking requirements? My mum didn’t even graduate from primary school and worked in the old department store until she retired!”

Vivian laughed and said, “The department store sells all that junk, can it be compared to what we do? A pair of shoes in our shop starts at seven or eight thousand, a scarf costs a thousand, and a bag is more expensive than the stuff in a row of counters in the old department store!”

He hurriedly said, “Hey, I’m serious with you, find a way to keep the car for me first, I’ll pick it up on time on the 15th of next month!”

The other party thought about it and said, “After all, people have paid the dealership, so if you want me to keep the car at this time, it’s not easy for me to do so, the boss will definitely not agree.”

vivian asked him, “Didn’t you say he only paid 10,000 yuan for the intention? It’s not a deposit, and it’s only 10,000, so maybe he’ll renege later.

The other party, hearing this, immediately put his mind at ease and said, “If you want to pick up this car in good faith, you should give the dealership a deposit of 100,000 yuan, and I will immediately drive the car from the showroom to the back of the warehouse upon receipt of the deposit, so that my other colleagues will not be able to sell it. ”

vivian asked in disbelief, “Why do you have to pay so much for a deposit, 20,000 is not enough?”

“Twenty thousand ……” said the other party awkwardly, “If you come to pick up the car tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, 20,000 deposit is really not a problem, the key is that you have to stay until the 15th of next month, ah, so long, 20,000 yuan our boss may not be willing to to keep it for you.”

“Why?” Vivian was a bit indignant and said out of the blue, “Since I have paid the deposit, I will definitely take delivery of the car, he is still afraid that I will not buy it? Even if I don’t buy it, I’ve given him the 20,000 yuan, if I don’t buy it, the money will be his, what else is he not willing to do?”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The more money, for the boss, of course, the sooner you get out, the more cost-effective.”

The first thing you can do is to take a deposit of 100,000, on the one hand, to give the car dealership back some blood, on the other hand, you know, the boss has a gambling nature, you put down more chips, he naturally want to gamble that you may not be able to pay the final payment, so he still has a chance to earn you 100,000 yuan, these two aspects together, he is certainly willing to wait for you twenty days. ”

VIVIAN probably understood the reason for this, and after a moment’s thought, she said, “OK! 100,000 is fine! Anyway, I’ve already made an order for this performance, the commission will definitely be paid out next month, so give me an account number and I’ll transfer the money over.”

The other party very kindly reminded, “Buddy, I have to remind you, you have to make sure you can pick up the car on the 15th of next month, otherwise, in case you default, the 100,000 yuan will be wasted.”