Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4499

Liu Manqiong felt like her brain was about to explode as she said in a serious, bitter voice: “Ye Chen …… I beg you to listen to me, you beat him up so badly, his family won’t let it go, how are you going to end up then? My dad can’t even protect you ……”

“Your dad?” Ye Chen laughed, “It’s amazing that he can protect himself.”

He said, Ye Chen’s topic did not linger on Liu Jiahui, and said to Liu Manqiong: “What’s more, now it’s not a question of whether this kid’s family will be kind enough to stop, but a question of whether I will be kind enough to stop, this hundred slaps he can’t take now, then it will have to be replaced by his old man and his godfather to take it for him, who let one of them teach their son inappropriately and one of them help the enemy to abuse? ”

Liu Manqiong was so shocked by Ye Chen that she could not speak, and only after a long time could she not help asking, “Ye Chen …… Are you usually this arrogant too?”

Ye Chen looked at Liu Manqiong and smiled before speaking, “I’m not usually arrogant, and my usual tenet is, if people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them, I will never bully others and bully the weak for no reason just because I have strength and background.”

Saying that, Ye Chen pointed his finger at Zhong Zitao and said in a cold voice, “But if someone offends me, I will offend them! And I will offend them ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times! I will not be soft!”

Liu Manqiong blurted out, “This is Hong Kong Island, not your turf! Don’t you understand the principle that a strong dragon cannot suppress a snake on the ground?”

Ye Chen smiled contemptuously and said seriously, “Miss Liu, to tell you the truth, here, I have no inhibitions!”

To Ye Chen, this time when he came to Hong Kong Island, he indeed had no taboos.

He had come to Hong Kong Island alone, bringing no relatives or friends with him, only Wan Bajun and the other Ten Thousand Dragon Hall generals were here, and they would not be a burden to Ye Chen.

Therefore, he naturally did not have any need to be concerned.

What’s more, someone wanted Uncle Zhong’s life, then he naturally had to come and see who all had such guts.

Not only that, he also wanted to let these people know that Uncle Zhong’s life was not something that they could take just because they wanted it!

And, even if they weren’t that strong, they would have to pay the price for moving this thought!

So, as Ye Chen had told Liu Manqiong before, he was here to administer justice.

Since he was to administer justice, he should have no inhibitions and kill God and Buddha!

Liu Manqiong was so angry by Ye Chen’s arrogant attitude that she could not speak.

Although she could see that Ye Chen’s personal strength was ridiculously strong, she also knew that the Hongmen were by no means vegetarians on Hong Kong Island, and they had thousands of disciples under their command, spreading to every corner of Hong Kong Island, and their power was deeply rooted.

Therefore, in her opinion, Ye Chen was completely reckless in his actions and did not even think about how he should react next.

And at this moment, Ye Chen did not care about the consequences at all, as he looked towards Brother Wuji, the double-flowered red stick who had first been scrapped by himself, and said in a cold voice, “You! Come here!”

Brother Wuji covered his shattered arm and looked at Ye Chen with a frightened expression, stammering and asking, “What do you …… What are your orders ……”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “You go and take out everyone’s mobile phones for me, anyone who dares to hide his mobile phone, I’ll break his third leg!”

“Comply …… Yes ……” Brother Wuji didn’t dare to do anything rash and immediately used his intact left arm to pull out all the mobile phones of those of his junior brothers.

Ye Chen took a pile of mobile phones and threw them out with force towards the direction of the valley diagonally, a dozen of them instantly threw out a great parabola and were directly thrown into the valley.

Afterwards, Ye Chen said to Brother Wuji, “You and your gang of little brothers, you are the one who is the least injured as the big brother, isn’t it a bit unjustified?”

Brother Wuji was scared out of his wits and blurted out, “Big brother …… I’m already badly injured …… My right hand is basically all gone ……”

Ye Chen pointed to the others lying on the ground and said in a serious tone, “Look at them, which one of them has not broken more bones than you? You’re a big brother, you’ve brought your little brothers out to be friends, it’s all about the word righteousness! If your little brother is more injured than you, how can you still be a gangster in the future? People will point out and poke your back behind your back!”

Saying that, Ye Chen rubbed his chin and said seriously, “I think it’s only appropriate for you to break another leg.”