Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4158

When he heard the words Japanese ninja, Fei Xuebin’s first thought was that it was impossible.

He had had his men deal with Japanese ninjas before, and in his opinion, Japanese ninjas would never dare to go against the Fei family, so how could they kidnap Fei Xuebin’s son?

So, he looked at Qin Luodong and asked in a cold voice, “Are you sure it was the Japanese ninjas?”

“Positive!” Qin Luodong said without thinking, “A concealed weapon like the hand sword is only still used by the Japanese, and this poison that seals the throat with blood is also their untold secret.”

Fei Xuebin said coldly, “Are there no concealed weapons and blood-sealing poisons in China?”

Qin Luodong was busy saying, “Back to the Young Master, there are in China, but only in the past, back then, among the martial arts, there were indeed these things, but since the defeat of the Boxer Rebellion, the so-called martial arts basically ceased to exist, and all that remained was the martial arts, so such despicable means of hurting people with concealed arrows are no longer seen in China.”

Speaking of this, Qin Luodong added: “In fact, after entering the 20th century, the whole world started a craze of ‘going to cold weapons’, only the Japanese ninja preserved it, so this kind of thing, nowadays, is only still used by them.”

With a furious expression, Fei Xue Bin gritted his teeth and ordered his a*sistant, “Immediately inform your family and send all the men you can to find those ninjas and bring Hao Yang back to me intact!”

He added, “And tell all the gangs and organisations in New York to reward anyone who can provide valuable clues with US$10 million to US$50 million, depending on the clues, and US$100 million for anyone who can save my son! If anyone can save Ho-yeung and catch those ninjas at the same time, I’ll reward him with $200 million!”

Without a second thought, the a*sistant said, “Yes, Young Master, I’ll get right on it!”

Fei Xuebin looked at his bodyguard Zhang Chuan again and spoke, “Mr. Zhang, please, with your master brother, also help me to investigate properly and see if we can get Hao Yang back.”

Zhang Chuan nodded, but asked with some concern, “Young master, your safety is not guaranteed here, why don’t I send you home first!”

“No.” Fei Xuebin shook his head and said in a cold voice, “I’m not going anywhere!”

After saying that, he turned to look at the hotel manager angrily and questioned offhandedly, “How did you do your security work? How could you let Japanese ninjas get in here?!”

The hotel manager choked back a sob, “Young master, young master Hoang’s men took over the security work this time and are fully responsible for it, young master Hoang he …… did not allow me to interfere ……”

“What do you mean?” Fei Xuebin asked with a frown, “Hao Yang does not allow you to interfere?!”

“Yes ……” the hotel manager said aggrievedly, “Young master Hao Yang said, this charity dinner has important guests, it is not trivial, so he wants Sun Hao to be fully responsible for the co-ordination and security, the specific arrangements and process will not allow me to interfere ……”

Fei Xuebin was in deep thought for a moment.

Then, he looked at the lounge with the door closed tightly and asked, “The important guest that Hao Yang said was here?”

The head of the hotel hurriedly said, “Back to the young master, the important guest inside is Miss Gu Qiuyi Gu, the now hugely popular Chinese singer.”

“Gu Qiuyi?” Fei Xuebin frowned and said, “If I remember correctly, it should be the only daughter of the Gu family in China, right?”

“Yes ……,” the hotel manager nodded, “It is indeed the Gu family’s thousand daughter.”

Fei Xuebin originally wasn’t quite sure why his son wanted such a charity dinner, but hearing Gu Qiuyi’s name, he probably had an answer in his mind.