Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4157

The head of the hotel came to hear the news, and although he himself was scared half to death, he still tried to calm the bodyguards down, after all, if this kind of thing went to the police, it would be a scandal for the Fei family, and no one dared to but this responsibility.

However, these Americans were even less adaptable and, seeing that the man was dead, the first thing they did was to call the 911 police.

Seeing that the situation was completely out of control, the hotel manager hurriedly withdrew from the crowd and immediately contacted Fei Hao Yang’s father, Fei Xuebin.

Fei Xuebin was in the middle of a dinner party with some business partners at a top Manhattan restaurant. When he heard that his son was missing, and that he was in his own hotel, he was shocked and flew in by helicopter immediately, even though he was located less than five kilometres away from the hotel.

The NYPD, or New York Police Department, also quickly dispatched a large number of police officers after learning of the shooting that killed seven people at the Wangfu Hotel, and also sent a highly ranked detective in a police helicopter to lead the investigation.

A few minutes later, Fei Xuebin rushed over in a panic, and the head of the hotel with a group of staff hurriedly greeted him and said ashamedly, “Young master, my subordinates are not doing a good job, please punish ……”

With a black face, Fei Xuebin raised his hand and slapped the person in charge, his tone was extremely gloomy as he scolded, “Tell me! What the hell is going on?”

The hotel manager almost collapsed and cried, “Young master, I am not sure of the details, I only know that young master Hao Yang has disappeared, his a*sistant and six bodyguards from the security company were killed, and the murderer is nowhere to be found ……”

Fei Xuebin slapped him hard across the face again, turned to Qin Luodong, met him and slapped him across the face, angrily rebuked, “Surnamed Qin, our Fei family gives so much funding to your division every year, and you can’t even protect my son’s safety, what the hell are you doing?

Qin Luodong was at least a four-star martial artist, so he was naturally furious at being slapped with such a slap.

However, he also knew very well that even if Fei Xuebin did not have any cultivation, he could only take it if he hit himself.

So, he looked at a middle-aged man who was following Fei Xuebin. This man was Fei Xuebin’s personal bodyguard, Yuan Zixu’s senior brother and Qin Luodong’s senior uncle, Zhang Chuan.

Zhang Chuan’s expression at this moment was also somewhat helpless. He knew more or less what kind of person Fei Hao Yang was, and this nephew of his had indeed been teased a lot when he followed him.

The point is, knowing that he was being teased, there was no way to deal with it.

At this moment, Qin Luodong said aggrievedly, “Mr. Fei, I’m not going to lie to you, ever since I was sent by my master to protect Young Master Fei, Young Master Fei has been very wary of me, not telling me many things and often not allowing me to follow him, and even often leaving me alone, so there is no way for me to protect him closely!”

Half a month ago, he told me he was going to Los Angeles for a holiday and arranged for two helicopters to take off from home to JFK. told the pilot to turn around, but the pilot didn’t even listen to me and pulled me straight to JFK, and by the time I got a taxi to LaGuardia Airport, his plane had long since taken off ……”

“Take today for example, he made an appointment with me on the way here, telling me to never leave the banquet hall without his orders, otherwise I would have to go to my uncle to sue, what could I do?”

When Zhang Chuan saw that Qin Luodong’s mind was falling apart, he quickly said, “Luodong, now is not the time to whine, hurry up and tell me if you found anything at the scene!”

Qin Luodong adjusted his mind and said, “All seven of the dead had traces of being hit by concealed weapons, which looked like Japanese ninja’s hand swords.”

Fei Xuebin frowned tightly and asked in a cold voice, “What did you say? Japanese ninja?!”