Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4517

After saying that, he pointed at Zhong Yunqiu at the side and said coldly, “You are Zhong Zitao’s old man, right? Your son has plotted against Miss Manqiong today, and as a father but you have failed to teach your son properly, you naturally cannot escape responsibility, so if you kneel down and kowtow three times to Miss Manqiong now, I can also no longer pursue your responsibility.”

With these words of Ye Chen, both Hong Yuanshan and Zhong Yunqiu were furious enough.

Especially Hong Yuanshan, he had been out all his life and had never met anyone as arrogant as Ye Chen.

So, Hong Yuanshan said angrily to the head instructor Lin, “Head instructor Lin! I want you to tear this brat’s mouth apart for me! Tear both corners of his mouth to the roots of his ears, I’ll see how long he can keep his mouth shut!”

Instructor Lin immediately clasped his hands together, “Yes, sir!”

After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen with a frown and stepped forward to rush forward.

Ye Chen could see that his cultivation level, a mere three-star martial artist, was no better than a dog in his eyes.

If he really wanted to fight, it would be far easier to kill him with one punch than not, because it was not easy to control the force against such a martial artist, and a slight movement of aura would beat him to death.

At this moment, Liu Manqiong suddenly stood up and spoke in front of Ye Chen, “Mr. Hong, let’s talk! This friend of mine is not very good in the head, so don’t be normal with him, I can ask my father to come over to solve this matter, and I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer!”

As soon as Hong Yuanshan heard this, he immediately called out to the head teacher Lin, then looked at Liu Manqiong with interest and asked with a smile, “Miss Liu, are you sure your father can give me a satisfactory answer? I am a man with a big appetite.”

Liu Manqiong gritted her teeth and said firmly, “I can ask my father to come over and talk to you! But only if you don’t make a move, otherwise there would be no point in talking!”

Hong Yuanshan nodded and smiled, “I also have great admiration for Mr. Liu, although I have met him a few times before, I have never had the chance to make a deep friendship, since Miss Liu has said so, then I might as well take this opportunity to get to know Mr. Liu.”

Zhong Yunqiu, who was on the other side, hurriedly said, “Godfather! You must hurry and ask about Zitao’s whereabouts! Zitao’s life and death are unknown now, in case something happens, it will be over!”

Liu Manqiong subconsciously said, “Zhong Zitao’s life is not in danger!”

Zhong Yunqiu questioned out of turn, “Then where the hell is he?

At this time, Hong Yuanshan interrupted Zhong Yunqiu and spoke, “Yunqiu, don’t get so excited, since Miss Liu said that Zitao’s life is not in danger, then he must be fine.”

After saying that, he smiled and looked at Liu Manqiong, laughing, “Miss Manqiong, please give your father a call, I’m waiting for him here.”

“Okay!” Without a second thought, Liu Manqiong was about to pull out her mobile phone.

In this instant, Ye Chen wanted to stop her.

After all, this matter didn’t seem that troublesome to Ye Chen, either he could do it himself and f*ck the gang down, or he could let Wan Xiaojun come in and f*ck the gang down.

After drying them out, then on this venue and at this time, have an ascending trial, Hong Yuanshan, Zhong Yunqiu, Zhong Zitao, and even this Lin instructor in front of him, have one of them count, and let them experience what it means to be destroyed.

However, when he saw that Liu Manqiong had repeatedly tried to protect himself from disaster, he was somewhat touched in his heart.

As Liu Manqiong wanted to call Liu Jiahui to come over, Ye Chen thought that he might as well take advantage of the situation and give Liu Jiahui a chance.

If he could really do something, then he could be a little more lenient with Uncle Zhong for the sake of Liu Manqiong’s face!