Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4518

At this moment, Liu Jiahui, who had just had dinner at his mansion, came to the pool with a cigar in his mouth and a bathrobe on.

Fang Jiaxin, whose figure was still exquisite, was wearing a bikini at his side.

Fang Jiaxin, who hadn’t worn a bikini for a long time, was a bit uncomfortable and said, “Jiahui, there are guests at home, so it’s not a good idea for me to be dressed like this, right?”

Liu Jiahui said with a big grin, “Don’t worry, that Ye is having dinner with Manqiong, he won’t be back too early.”

Fang Jiaxin was helpless and asked him, “Why do you have to swim at night? Where did you get such a good mood?”

Liu Jiahui, with his belly shy and smoking a cigar, said to Fang Jiaxin with a smile, “I just heard that the American side is going to repatriate Chen Zhaozhong soon, and if it’s quick, he might arrive the morning after tomorrow!”

Fang Jiaxin’s expression suddenly turned pale and she blurted out, “Jiahui …… You really can’t let him off the hook?”

Liu Jiahui glared at him and asked in a cold voice, “What, you still want me to spare him?!”

Fang Jiaxin was shocked by the look in his eyes and shook her head hurriedly, “No …… I don’t mean that ……”

Liu Jiahui said in a cold voice: “In the future, this person, you listen when I mention it, if you want to express your opinion also better obey my meaning, otherwise, shut up!”

Fang Jiaxin could only nod obediently and said, “Okay …… I know ……”

Liu Jiahui’s expression eased a bit, took off his bathrobe, stretched out his feet to test the water temperature, and then poofed in, setting off a huge splash of water.

As soon as Liu Jiahui got into the water, the mobile phone he had placed on the side of the recliner rang.

Fang Jiaxin glanced at it and said, “It’s Manqiong’s phone, do you want to answer it?”

“Answer it.” Liu Jiahui swam slightly awkwardly to the edge of the pool, stretched out his hand and took his mobile phone from Fang Jiaxin’s hand.

“Hello.” As soon as Liu Jiahui picked up the phone, he smiled and asked, “Manqiong, have you finished having dinner with Mr. Ye?”

Liu Manqiong blurted out, “Dad, we have a situation, we are now at Lan Kwai Fong, can you come over?”

Liu Jiahui frowned, “What’s wrong?!”

Liu Manqiong said helplessly, “Mr. Ye had some conflict with the Hongmen because of me, but they surrounded us and wanted to make a move, I had no choice but to call you.”

“A conflict with Hongmen?” Liu Jiahui’s head was as big as a bucket and he blurted out, “Who doesn’t this Mr. Ye want to recruit, why does he have to recruit Hongmen’s people? Doesn’t he know that the Hongmen are the most famous dogskin plaster on Hong Kong Island? If he gets stuck to them, he’ll have to tear off at least one layer of skin!”

Liu Manqiong said seriously, “I’ve said it all, Mr. Ye started the conflict with them because of me, if it wasn’t for Mr. Ye, I might have met an untimely end by now!”

Liu Jiahui heard this before he sighed helplessly and opened his mouth to ask: “OK, OK, OK …… You tell me where you are, I’ll go there now!”

Liu Manqiong said, “We’re at the Wave Club in Lan Kwai Fong.”

“Wave Club?” Liu Jiahui frowned, “Isn’t that Hongmen’s venue? Where don’t you guys go, you have to go to Hong Men’s venue ……”

Liu Manqiong asked him, “Are you coming or not?”

“Come, I’ll come.” Liu Jiahui was helpless to the extreme, but he could only speak, “Tell the people across the street not to make any rash moves yet, I’m coming over now!”

After saying that, he hung up the phone and climbed up from the pool in a mess, chanting, “D*mn, what a troublemaker for me!”

Fang Jiaxin asked curiously, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with Manqiong?”

Liu Jiahui cursed and said, “There’s a conflict with Hongmen, D*mn it, Hong Yuanshan is a mad dog, he’ll bite anyone who pa*ses in front of him, Manqiong and Ye offended them, I’m afraid I’ll have to bleed again!”

Fang Jiaxin couldn’t help but frown: “Manqiong is also, who should she mess with but the people of Hongmen …… Those are a bunch of desperadoes, who doesn’t hide away when they see them ……”