Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4358

When Li Yalin saw that Fei Kexin was not greasy, he opened his mouth and threatened, “Miss Fei, I think you know the identity behind Su Ruoli, if I go back and apply for a search warrant to seal off the place, then if the media reporters ask about it, I will answer truthfully and suspect that Fei’s group has a relationship with Wan Long Temple, how will Miss Fei explain to the American people then? ”

Even if she is a member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, I would like to ask, “Is there a law in the United States that prohibits American citizens from being friends with members of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple? ”

Li Yalin said in a cold voice: “Miss Fei, I think you should know that your nephew Fei Hao Yang and the other people who were killed last night, all died at the hands of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, and you can hold a press conference today as the chairman of the board, you must also be related to the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons!”

At this point, Li Yalin raised his voice a few notches and threatened, “Miss Fei, if this matter were to get out, do you think the outside world would think that the reason why Fei Hao Yang died was because you, Miss Fei, had reached some kind of cooperation with the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons in order to fight for the family succession and hired the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons to exterminate your family? When the time comes, we might even have to investigate you on suspicion of murder for hire, which I’m afraid will affect the future you’ve managed to secure with great difficulty!”

Fei Kexin said, “It doesn’t matter, if Inspector Li wants to investigate, he can do so without worrying, I Fei Kexin will cooperate fully, it doesn’t matter even if the outside world is suspicious, the innocent will clear themselves, I won’t be coerced by you for something I didn’t do!”

“Good!” Li Yalin saw that Fei Kexin was not greasy, so he spoke up and said, “Miss Fei, I might as well tell you, when I came up here, I already asked the relevant staff downstairs, I showed them Su Ruoli’s photo information, they all told me that they saw Su Ruoli accompany you in and never left, so I believe that Su Ruoli is definitely in Fei’s group now. ”

After saying that, he looked at Fei Ke Xin and said in a cold voice: “If Miss Fei is willing to cooperate, call Su Ruoli over now, if you insist on refusing to cooperate, then I will have to order the headquarters of Fei’s Group to be temporarily closed, when things get big, Miss Fei will be responsible for all the consequences!”

Fei Ke Xin smiled slightly, hugging her shoulders, and said lightly, “I’m not going to lie to Inspector Li, although I’m not old, I’ve seen almost all kinds of big battles, you don’t need to bully me here, if you want to close down the Fei Group, then be my guest!”

At this moment, Fei Ke Xin, believed that Ye Chen must have already informed Su Ruoli in advance.

With Su Ruoli’s thunderous style of action, she was probably already on her way to the airport by now.

Therefore, she was not the least bit worried about Li Yalin closing Fei’s group.

Li Yalin was furious in his heart, his successive defeats had made him lose his mind somewhat. At this moment, he angrily took out his mobile phone, called his men and ordered, “From now on, block all entrances and exits of Fei’s Group, and do not allow anyone to leave for the time being!”

The henchman asked in surprise, “Inspector …… Fei’s group has hundreds of reporters ah …… is this action a little too big?”

Li Yalin looked at Fei Kexin and said in a cold voice: “I now suspect that the chairman of Fei’s group has links with overseas terrorists, you immediately seal off the entire Fei’s group, I’ll call the chief to come over with a search warrant now!”