Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3666

In desperation, Smith could only ask Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, if we decide to introduce the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills at a price of US$1 million a box at this stage, how many boxes of the medicine can you provide us with?”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “The price can’t be that low right now, if you want to introduce it, you’ll have to pay five million dollars a box, and you can give you twenty boxes at a time.”

Smith almost spat blood and subconsciously asked, “Mr. Ye, didn’t you just say that it wouldn’t be more expensive than that Novartis drug? This is already three million more expensive than Novartis!”

Ye Chen laughed: “The price of one million dollars is the pricing after the official launch, I am a man who always says one thing, if the pricing exceeds one million dollars after the official launch, we will give you the patent for free, but at this stage now, the price is five million dollars a box, there is no negotiation.”

Smith was no longer able to speak out against Ye Chen’s shamelessness.

He had now figured out that since Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical was not willing to sell the patent, his task now was to get as many Jiu Xuan Zeng Zai Pills back as possible, so that on the one hand, he could give his son a medicine to be ashamed of, and on the other hand, he could let the pharmaceutical companies secretly attack the formula.

When the formula was conquered and ma*s-produced directly in India, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical would definitely not even have tears to cry.

He then spoke up and said, “Mr. Wei and Mr. Ye, I will compile all your requests and submit them to the FDA committee, as well as the parliamentary a*sembly for review as soon as possible, and I will give you both feedback as soon as there are any results!”

Wei Liang thought that since Ye Chen had asked him to put up a fight, he knocked on the table and spoke, “Mr. Smith, tell all those people in your country to get it done faster, we don’t have that much patience to wait all the time.”

Smith hurriedly nodded: “Please don’t worry, I will get this done as soon as possible!”

After verbally agreeing to a series of harsh terms proposed by Ye Chen, Wei Liang took the initiative to end the meal, and Hong Wu immediately sent someone to send Smith back to the Buckingham Palace Hotel.

As soon as Smith had left, Wei Liang asked Ye Chen impatiently, “Master Ye, Smith is so desperate to obtain the Jiu Xuan Reclamation Pill, I think it’s not just for his son, it’s likely that he has other intentions as well!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “I don’t need to think about it to know that they must be planning to decipher the formula of the Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill and find a way to imitate it.”

Wei Liang also said with a look of agreement, “I think so! This gang is really underhanded!”

Ye Chen said without a care in the world, “It’s alright, let them do their research, even if they put the entire GDP of the United States into it, there’s no way they can crack the process of making the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, it’s just a waste of R&D funds.”

After saying that, Ye Chen added, “Next, you don’t need to dock with them in this regard, go all out to promote the marketing and sale of our conventional medicine in countries around the world, now that we have the best door knocker in our hands, I believe that no country will reject us.”

Wei Liang said excitedly, “Master Ye don’t worry, I will do my best!”


At this time, Smith, as soon as he returned to the Buckingham Palace Hotel, immediately reported to the head of the Ministry of Health, in detail, the progress on his side.

Ye Chen’s several conditions, although very harsh for the United States of America, were not impossible to agree to.

Therefore, after a brief negotiation, they immediately agreed to all of Ye Chen’s demands, including the reduction of tariffs on all medicines and health products, as well as the endorsement of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, etc.

As for the introduction of the Jiu Xuan rejuvenation pills upfront, which cost a huge US$5 million for a box, the White House agreed to it without much thought.

After all, they were thinking of cracking and optimizing the formula to further enhance their international influence, and then let India take the blame and make a huge profit from pirated drugs, so such a small investment was just a drop in the bucket for them.