Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4425

As soon as Lu Ming heard this, he immediately pinned him to the ground and warned in a cold voice, “Kid, I know all about you and Chen Zhao Zhong, if you don’t want to be repatriated back as well, stay honestly on the side and say nothing, otherwise, I can’t help you!”

As he struggled, Keung shouted, “Send me back! I want to go back with Uncle Zhong!”

Lu Ming said sternly, “You kid are really insensitive, I want to let you go for the sake that we are all Chinese, don’t be insensitive!”

Chen Zhao Zhong hurriedly came out from the back kitchen and, without bothering to take off his apron, said hurriedly, “Officer, officer! I’m Chen Zhao Zhong, I fully cooperate with you and all of you in enforcing the law, it’s just that Qiang is still young and he doesn’t know any better, so don’t take it personally!”

When Lu Ming saw Chen Zhao Zhong come out, his tone and attitude softened considerably, he let go of Keung and warned in a low voice, “Little brother, it’s lucky you met me this time, if it was one of those devils, you would have been finished! I won’t give you a hard time, but you must know in your heart that you must learn to endure everything. There were many compatriots like you who came to the United States illegally back then, and those who have become human beings now, which of them did not endure first?”

Keung knew that the policeman did not mean any harm, so he could not help but cry and asked, “What are you going to do to Uncle Chung? He can’t go back to Hong Kong Island, if he does, he’ll be killed ……”

Lu Ming sighed and was about to say something when Chen Zhao Zhong said with a bemused smile, “Keung-boy, don’t worry about nothing, Hong Kong Island is also a society under the rule of law, it’s not as chaotic as you think.”

After saying that, he looked at Lu Ming and said, “I knew you guys would come, the luggage is already packed, can you let me go and get it?”

Lu Ming beckoned to another colleague beside him, saying, “Ah Dong, you go with him!”

The other party immediately agreed: “Yes!”

Soon after, Chen Zhao Zhong pulled his shabby little suitcase and walked up, accompanied by the policeman.

He looked at Keung-boy and smiled faintly, “Keung! You’ve grown up, you won’t be Keung-boy anymore, you’ll have to learn to be on your own! Remember what I told you, run this shop properly, don’t ruin my twenty years of hard work, got it?”

With tears streaming down his face, Keung nodded repeatedly while choking back tears and said, “I know, Uncle Zhong ……”

Chen Zhao Zhong nodded in satisfaction, and looked at the shocked diners, and said, “Many of you are my regular customers, after tonight, I won’t be able to cook roast goose rice for you, but Keung has been with me for more than ten years, he has learnt his craft very well, I hope you can support his business more in the future!”

The old diners all knew that Chen Zhao Zhong was illegally stranded in the United States, and although they didn’t know about his past, it was clear that since the police had approached him, he would definitely have to be deported back.

So, they all spoke up to rea*sure him and said they would definitely take care of Keung’s business more often.

Chen Zhao Zhong thanked everyone and then looked at Keung Chai and instructed, “Keung, I’ll go first, this meal is on me tonight, you must remember to give you all a free bill!”