Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4426

The words spoken by Chan Siu Chung sounded like a farewell to Keung’s ears.

To him, Chen Zhao Zhong had played the role of a father for the past ten years or so, and was the only family member in his heart.

However, Chen Zhao Zhong did not want to let it sink in too much, and police officer Lu Ming originally wanted to leave him some time to say goodbye to Qiang Zai, but Chen Zhao Zhong himself picked up his suitcase and spoke, “Officer, let’s go.”

Lu Ming sighed and said, “OK, let’s go.”

Chen Zhao Zhong asked him, “Do we still need to put on the handcuffs?”

“No need.” Lu Ming waved his hand and said, “You are only suspected of illegal detention, it is not a felony, we will take you back, we will conduct a preliminary investigation and then take a statement, then the commissioner from the Immigration Bureau will come over for a joint investigation, if it is confirmed that your illegal detention is true, we will start the repatriation process, at that time you will be sent to the plane by a special officer. ”

Chen Zhao Zhong nodded and bowed slightly in a very polite manner, saying, “I have given you all a lot of trouble.”

Hearing him say that, Lu Ming was also a little embarra*sed all of a sudden, coughed twice and said with great meaning, “Ahem …… By the way, I have to tell you, this matter of yours is not led by our police, it is led by the Immigration Bureau, I guess someone there received a report about your illegal stay, so fed back to us and asked us to a*sist in the arrest.”

Lu Ming said, “f*ck, I don’t know who is so boring, there are many people in Chinatown who choose to stay illegally or illegally smuggle people into the US, so many of them have not been reported, but you have been reported.”

Lu Ming’s implication was to remind Chen Zhao Zhong and Qiang Zai that someone was behind this matter.

Naturally, Chen Zhao Zhong knew it well, but he had already looked at this matter lightly and looked away, so he only smiled slightly and said, “After all, it was me who broke the law in the first place, so it was reasonable for others to report me.”

Lu Ming did not expect that Chen Zhao Zhong was so calm and said helplessly, “Alright, I have read your information, you are a smart person, since you have figured out what is at stake, then I will not talk more nonsense here.”

After saying that, he deliberately gave Keung-chan a look and spoke, “Regarding the whole process of arresting, investigating and determining deportation, it usually takes five to seven days to go through the whole process, but your case is obviously quite special, so the Immigration Bureau requires that the case be closed within three days, but then again, my boss has recently been forced to retire early, which has caused me to be in a bad mood, so I’m going to rub it in and estimate If you have any other abilities, don’t hide them and think of something.”

Lu Ming had read Chen Zhao Zhong’s profile, until he returned to Hong Kong Island would definitely be in danger of his life, and he also knew that Chen Zhao Zhong and Gu Qiuyi’s father were family friends, if Gu Qiuyi’s family could help in this matter, then perhaps they could save his life, that’s why he deliberately reminded the two of them, and even indicated that he would try to help delay Chen Zhao Zhong’s repatriation.

Chen Zhao Zhong also heard the meaning of Lu Ming’s words, he looked at Qiang Zai and said seriously, “Ah Qiang, don’t ever contact anyone, I don’t want to owe anyone any more favours, do you understand?”

“I understand Uncle Zhong ……,” Qiang Chai cried and nodded his head, but in his heart he already had his own calculations.

He felt that he had to inform Miss Gu no matter what, and I was afraid that she was the only one who could save Uncle Zhong at the moment.

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled faintly at Qiang Zai at this time and turned to walk out with Lu Ming.

Qiang chased him out of the shop and watched as Chen Zhao Zhong was taken into one of the police cars.

The whole convoy then left Chinatown with its blinding police lights flashing.

When the convoy disappeared from sight, Keung immediately returned to the shop and tried to call Gu Qiuyi.

However, it was only then that he suddenly remembered that he did not have Gu Qiuyi’s contact information.

After all, Gu Qiuyi was a big star, and every time she came, she was always a valued guest of Uncle Zhong, so Qiang Chai always worked quietly with Uncle Zhong and rarely interacted with Gu Qiuyi.

He knew that Gu Qiuyi was the only one who could save Uncle Zhong, but the lack of a way to contact Gu Qiuyi still made him anxious.