Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4453

“The Guide ……”

Ye Chen mouthed a soft sentence and asked, “Have you met with the guide?”

“No.” The man explained, “I don’t know who exactly the guide is, we arrived in New York this time and woke up in a closed garage, the organization left the equipment needed for the mission there as well as some information, the information listed the target, the target’s kinship and social connections, as well as the situation of the masters around them, since we knew there would be several high rank Martial artists, so we were specially prepared with enhanced weapons, and we were also reminded of what we needed to pay attention to and what tactics we should adopt, after which we were given some time to familiarize ourselves with the information, and then we waited for the departure notice, and after we arrived at the scene, the guide informed me of the appropriate time to attack through the transit.”

Ye Chen asked, “What does transit mean?”

The man said, “The organisation does not allow any form of direct contact between us and the guide, so the guide will relay the situation to her counterpart in the organisation, who will then pa*s the information on to me.”

Ye Chen asked him, “By what means does your buttress pa*s on information to you?”

The man replied, “They have left us communication devices, but only my device can hear the voice of the docking person.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Is your docker a man or a woman?”

The man shook his head, “With the voice changer, I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman.”

Ye Chen said at this time, “In that case, that third aunt of mine, who should be the guide you are talking about, was the one who reported the right time to attack to your counterpart, who then commanded you to launch the attack.”

The man nodded, “I think so, I saw the woman who was carried out, it seems she also took poison and killed herself, she must be from the organisation.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Then the order you received was to kill all the people inside, or to keep certain people alive?”

The man spoke, “The orders were to not let us keep any alive.”

Ye Chen frowned, “Then wouldn’t you have to kill even the guide? Does the guide himself know?”

The man shook his head, “I don’t know if she knows either.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Do you know anything about the guide?”

“Not much to know.” The man shook his head, “Guides and dead soldiers, in the organisation, are just different identities, of which the dead soldiers are the most ill-informed, because we are always under the organisation’s close surveillance, equivalent to prisoners, so there is little extra information to learn about, what the organisation lets us know, we know, and what the organisation does not let us know, we have no way of knowing. ”

Ye Chen nodded gently and asked him again, “If your mission is completed, what is the follow-up process?”

The man then said, “After the mission is completed, we have to withdraw to the garage and then receive the drug injection there, the rest is not our concern, the organization will take us back.”

Ye Chen looked at him and asked, “Your men have all committed suicide by taking drugs, what will your organisation do to your families?”

The man said, “We failed in our mission this time, the organization will define us as the Ying Lord doing his duty, so they will not make things difficult for our families, on the contrary, they will give our families better treatment.”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “No wonder you and your men were so decisive when you took poison to kill yourself.”

“Yes.” The man nodded and said, “For the vast majority of dead soldiers, they basically do not end well, and most of them die tragically, if they die with loyalty, there is little pain, it pa*ses in the blink of an eye, and they can give their families better living conditions, so it is a good death.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Then how big is the size of your dead soldiers?”

“The size of the dead soldiers?” The man thought for a moment and shook his head, “I don’t know …… the camp of dead soldiers that we are in has a total of eleven hundred families and nineteen hundred dead soldiers, the total population, men, women and children combined, is probably a few thousand.”

Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “So, your organization is more than just your part of the dead soldiers?”

“Right.” The man nodded and said, “There are battalions of dead soldiers all over the world, but exactly how many there are, I don’t know.”

Ye Chen’s heart grew more and more shocked, and after a moment of contemplation, he asked again, “You said you were injected with drugs before you came here, and that you had already arrived in New York when you woke up, so do you know how long you were unconscious in total?”

“I don’t know.” The man shook his head, “In the death camp, no one is allowed to know the date and time, we don’t see the sunrise or the sunset, we just work when the lights are on and rest when the lights are off, and I once quietly calculated that our routine in the death camp doesn’t seem to follow a 24-hour day, they seem to deliberately make each day slightly different, today is longer than It seems that they deliberately make each day slightly deviated, today is longer than yesterday, and yesterday is longer than the day before, over time, even if we knew the exact time when we went on the mission, after we went back for a period of time, the records would still be deviated.”