Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4452

The person also smiled bitterly and said, “Indeed there is no need to check, the dead soldiers, is the slaves bred by the organization, forever internal intermarriage, never escape, so we, these people, in this world in any national database, is not recorded, not to mention fingerprints, face, even DNA has been locked up, after ten generations of reproduction, our DNA, basically no longer with the outside world. To put it bluntly, we are slaves that no one in this world knows about, no one knows about our lives, and no one knows about our deaths ……”

For the first time, there was an unspeakable feeling of tension in Ye Chen’s heart.

This tension did not originate from fear, but from a kind of scruples against the unknown giant.

The mere existence of the dead soldiers had already turned his three views upside down.

He dared not imagine how huge this organisation really was.

Immediately, when he saw the man’s dishevelled expression, he seemed to be not absolutely loyal to the organisation either, so he asked, “From what you said, you seem to have some slight words for this organisation and Lord Ying as well?”

“A word?” The man laughed miserably, “I would like to kill everyone in this organisation so that I can avenge my father, my grandfather and my ancestors nine generations back!”

The organisation has given us extraordinary strength, but that strength is also a bomb hidden in our bodies, and every seven days we have to take a drug to suppress it. Otherwise, our whole body will burst and die, so we can’t escape, and we don’t dare to escape, let alone resist, because everyone’s life, is firmly controlled by the organization, not only me, but also my wife, and my two children ……”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and asked, “You already have children?”

“Yes.” The man nodded, with a rare trace of warmth between his eyebrows, and spoke, “When a dead man reaches the age of twenty, he is of marriageable age, and will, as required, marry a woman of the right age from the dead man’s offspring, to breed offspring for the dead man. my wife is also the daughter of a dead man, and she has given birth to two sons for me, the older one is thirteen, and the younger one is ten.”

Ye Chen asked again, “And your two sons, who will raise them?”

The man said, “My wife will raise them, but the rest of the time they will be trained by the older dead soldiers, and when they reach the age of sixteen, they will become the next generation of dead soldiers and start carrying out missions for the organisation.

Ye Chen asked, “Do the dead soldiers ever think about rebelling?”

“Of course.” The man said, “There are people in every generation of dead soldiers who want to resist, but there is no point, we leave the organisation, and the longest we can live is only seven days, there used to be people who didn’t believe in evil and always thought they could fight against that power inside them, but without exception they all died.”

Speaking of this, the man added: “The organization also has strict rules, one person defecting, the whole family is implicated, if I try to escape, not to mention whether I can survive the seven days, my wife and children, will all be killed, so we are like slaves controlled by the white man back then, there is no chance to resist.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “You still know about white people and slaves, having learnt this?”

“Learned.” The man nodded, “We had a lot of lessons to learn as teenagers and had a certain cultural foundation.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Where do you usually live? Which country?”

“Not sure ……,” the man shook his head, “As far as I know, since my grandfather’s generation of dead soldiers, we have lived in an underground base, that base keeps expanding every day, and now the scale is comparable to a small underground Whenever it was time to go on a mission, the organisation would come up with a list of missions and then inject everyone on the list with drugs, after the drugs were injected, we knew nothing and when we woke up again, we were already at the place where we were going on the mission.”

Saying that, he gave a slight pause and continued, “Like this time, after we injected the drug underground, we woke up and were already in New York.”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Then how did you carry out the mission? Who issued the mission for you? Who guided you to the stadium?”

The man answered offhandedly, “It was the guide.”