Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4451

After that man shouted, he realized that he was now a prisoner, so he immediately shriveled up again and stopped talking.

However, the look in Ye Chen’s eyes was already full of awe.

Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “Who is your so-called Ying Lord?”

The man looked up at Ye Chen and said in a trance-like manner, “I …… don’t know ……”

“You don’t know?!” Ye Chen coldly shouted, “You claim to be ready to die for Lord Ying, and now you’re telling me you don’t know who Lord Ying is?! Do you take me for a three-year-old child?”

The man said with immense fear, “I really don’t know …… from the day I remember, I knew I had to dedicate everything to the Ying Lord, but I really don’t know who the Ying Lord is, and I have never seen the Ying Lord …… ”

Ye Chen frowned: “Then who told you to devote everything for the British Lord?!”

The man was busy saying, “My parents ……”

“Parents?!” Ye Chen asked coldly, “What is your parents’ role in this organization?”

The man said, “My father, like me, was a dead soldier …… He died thirty years ago in glorious battle …… As for my mother …… she was born to other dead soldiers daughter, who was rewarded to my father by the British Lord …… After my father died, she took poison and committed suicide as the British Lord had requested ……”

When Ye Chen heard this, his heart was appalled!

From hearing this, it seemed that the structure of this organization was so big that it was beyond his imagination.

So, he continued to ask, “Your father is a dead soldier and your mother is the daughter of other dead soldiers, does that mean that all the boys born to dead soldiers are raised as the next generation of dead soldiers since they are young, while the girls born to dead soldiers are married to other dead soldiers and continue to raise the next generation?”

“Yes……” the man nodded and said, “This is true of every dead soldier, they all start from the first generation and continue to be pa*sed down to the present, one generation is a dead soldier, the next generation is a dead soldier, and the daughters of dead soldiers are the only way to marry dead soldiers, to If you want to break away from the dead soldiers in the future, the only way to have a chance to be promoted is to be brave and successful in battle ……”

Ye Chen listened in horror.

From the reproduction of dead soldiers alone, it could already be concluded that this was a mysterious organization with a long history, and the structure of the organization was extremely tight, even so tight that it could train dead soldiers from generation to generation!

Moreover, this man’s father could not have been a first-generation dead soldier, for his mother, a daughter born of other dead soldiers, meant that by the time he arrived, he was already at least a third-generation dead soldier.

What is the concept of three generations, given his age of over thirty, and going forward twenty years span for each generation, that’s a span of at least over seventy years for these three generations!

On the side, Wan Bajun was similarly appalled by a series of

Even he had never heard of such a terrifying mysterious organisation.

Ye Chen pursued the question at this point, “What generation of dead soldiers are you?!”

“I ……” the man said in a trance, “I am the tenth generation of the dead ……”

“Tenth generation ……” Ye Chen’s jaw dropped as he listened!

Ten generations of dead soldiers, a span of more than two hundred years already ……

On the side, Wan Bajun also couldn’t help but marvel, “Mr. Ye, if this seems to be the case, there is no need to check the faces, DNA, and fingerprints of this group of people today, because it is impossible to find out ……”