Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4450

In addition, what surprised Ye Chen even more was that this man appeared to be steel and iron, but he was not really steel and iron, but relied entirely on the surging strength hidden beneath his flesh and bones.

This power, which seemed to be only temporarily stored in him and helped him to strengthen his body, was not tamed by him, but was forcibly bound within him by some kind of power.

This was because, as Ye Chen discovered, this power kept trying to pound outwards.

As this force continued to impact, the force that was binding it, was also gradually weakening, just a little bit each time.

So it seemed that in a few days’ time, this force would indeed break through this binding, and by then, it was estimated that his body would probably be washed to pieces by this force.

At this time, Ye Chen also finally understood why, after praying in vain for him to give him a pain, he instead acted as if he had resigned himself to his fate.

It seemed that even if he didn’t give him a painful experience, he would definitely die a few days later.

Ye Chen smiled faintly at this time and spoke, “Don’t worry, with me around, you can’t die.”

After he said that, he used his own aura to directly seal the force that had been pounding outwards within him firmly.

Given the strength of that force, after Ye Chen’s aura sealed it, even if it itself could keep on pounding without any decay, it would not be possible to rush out in 10,000 years.

The man, who had previously had a disheveled expression, immediately looked at Ye Chen in shock and asked offhandedly, “What …… have you done to me?”

Ye Chen sneered, “That power within you that you couldn’t suppress on your own has now been completely sealed by me, so that you can live a long life! If you still don’t give an honest explanation, you might have to live in hell for the next few decades.”

If he doesn’t give an honest explanation in the next few days, take him to Syria, build a cellar and keep him there, strip him naked and throw him in an iron cage, electrify the cage, and inject him with a sufficient amount of drugs to make him feel the electricity amplified a hundred times 7×24 hours. hours to feel what it’s like to be subjected to electric shocks that are magnified a hundred times!”

When the man heard Ye Chen’s words, he trembled violently in fear.

Seeing Ye Chen’s cold expression, he knew that what Ye Chen had just said was definitely not half-hearted.

If he really refused to cooperate, he was afraid that he would experience the general pain of the eighteenth level of hell for the rest of his life ……

He was not afraid of death.

Those brothers who were with him were not afraid of death.

He was also not afraid of torture.

After all, he had been trained so harshly for so many years that he had an extraordinary capacity for enduring all kinds of torture.

However, he was afraid of endless, endless torture.

Thinking of this, he broke down emotionally and said, “I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you everything! As long as you promise to give me a painful answer after I finish, I will tell you everything!”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “You are not qualified to negotiate with me, if you want me to give you a painful answer, then answer my questions properly!”

The man nodded fearfully and said, “You can ask, I will answer what I know!”

Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “What kind of organization are you?”

“Organization ……” The man hesitated for a moment and spoke, “I don’t know what kind of organization we are …… I only know that people like us, in the organization inside, are called dead soldiers.”

Ye Chen pursued, “What is a dead soldier?!”

When he heard Ye Chen’s question, the man shouted in a loud voice with wide eyes and a loud voice like a reflex: “A dead soldier is one who lives for death and is ready to die generously for the British Lord!”