Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4449

Ye Chen’s words made the man in front of him fearful to the core.

He couldn’t help but think of the bloodbath a few hours ago, where Ye Chen had turned him and his men all into invalids with just his own strength.

This kind of devastating and terrifying strength was something he had never heard of before.

What was even more terrifying was that he hadn’t seen Ye Chen make a single move the entire time!

Not even Ye Chen had made any physical contact with them, at all.

This was the point that made him despair the most.

From what he knew about martial arts masters, even a Dark Realm master could not achieve such a bizarre long-range strike!

At most, a martial arts expert’s internal force and true qi could only achieve what was known as striking a bull through the air, and the distance would be extremely limited and the power would be greatly reduced.

For someone like Ye Chen, who was able to explode with such killing power without any contact at all, in his opinion, his strength had reached that of a demigod!

He still remembered clearly that when he had bitten his false teeth and the venom had penetrated his whole body with his blood, Ye Chen was able to use a mysterious power to draw back all the toxins from his body.

Even now, he could clearly feel that the venom was still intact in his abdomen, and that mysterious power had wrapped all the venom so tightly that the venom was completely isolated from his own body.

So, at this moment, Ye Chen, in his eyes, was like the God of Death wielding a scythe.

In terror, he begged offhandedly, “Sir, please give me a pain …… kill me ……”

“You want pain?” Ye Chen sneered and said indifferently, “To tell you the truth, the people you want to kill today are my grandparents’ family, do you think I will give you pain? Since you want pain, then I’m going to make you suffer, and suffer for the rest of your life.”

After saying that, Ye Chen stared at him and said coldly, “I see that you are only in your thirties, although you have lost your arms and legs, it should not be a problem to live for another few decades, it just so happens that I also have some spiritual medicines that can prolong your life, so it should be easy for you to live for another sixty or seventy years to make up a full life, it just so happens that nowadays there are more high technologies and there are some medicines that can make your nervous system amplify pain by hundreds of times, the two The combination will make every day for the rest of your life a whole new experience!”

Hearing this, the man suddenly laughed and shook his head, “Impossible …… Even if you don’t give me a painful experience, in a few more days, I will definitely die ……”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but frown and asked in a cold voice, “What? Do you think that you are still capable of killing yourself now?”

The man shook his head and laughed bitterly, “With this ghostly appearance, how can I still have the ability to commit suicide.”

When the seven days are up, if we don’t return to our destiny, our skin and flesh will crumble and we will die.

“Seven days?” Hearing this, Ye Chen coldly snorted in disdain and stepped forward to press one hand on the top of his head.

Immediately afterwards, a spiritual qi merged into his body from the sky spirit cover.

It was only then that Ye Chen realised that this man’s physique was indeed different from that of ordinary people.

None of the eight strange meridians were open, but the strength of his body was not inferior to that of a five-star martial artist in the slightest, as if it was like steel and iron.

Moreover, even though his limbs had been severed, underneath the existing sinews and flesh, his sense of strength was very surging, and the strength of his heartbeat was much stronger than that of an ordinary person, and every beat was like a high-pressure pump, pumping blood violently to the veins all over his body.

It was just that right now he had lost too much blood, and although the strength of his heartbeat was strong, his blood vessels were somewhat dried up.