Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3918

Seeing that Li Tailai’s emotions had been pacified, Ye Chen then said to him, “Alright Mr. Li, you can rest here first, you can leave when the auction is over, you can pay more attention to what I just said, I will also say hello to Wang Dongxue of the Dihao Group, so that she can communicate with you in time if there is any progress.”

Li Tailai was grateful and quickly bowed, “Thank you Master Ye for taking care of me, Li will never forget it!”

After saying that, he said without thinking, “I will go back to Haicheng tonight and gather all my men for a meeting to discuss how to transfer all the Group’s business to Jinling as quickly as possible! If there is anything Master Ye needs me to do in the future, or if you need me to do anything, just give me an order, I will do my best!”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “Fine, you stay here and adjust your mind, I’ll leave first.”

Li Tailai hurriedly said, “Yes, Master Ye, I will adjust and reflect properly!”

Ye Chen gave a hint and stepped out of the lounge.

After Ye Chen left, Li Tailai’s body went limp and he instantly sat down on the ground, then he let out a long breath and his whole body felt relieved.

He knew that Ye Chen was right, he really did not need the Spring Return Pill at the moment, but just because he did not need it now did not mean that he would not need it in a few decades.

Now, he had not only failed to get the Spring Return Pill, he had also buried his future qualification for the auction, which was indeed like breaking his own way out.

Fortunately, Ye Chen had left himself other opportunities, otherwise it would have been too late to regret.

At this moment, after the successful auction of a few ordinary items, Song Wanting said with a smile, “Thank you all for your support of our auction, next will be another moment of great interest, because the next lot, is the second Spring Return Pill of the night, those who are interested should be prepared to bid.”

As soon as Song Wanting said this, everyone in the audience immediately sat up straight.

Ever since they had witnessed the amazing transformation of the black tycoon after taking the Spring Recovery Pill, everyone had been eagerly awaiting the appearance of the second Spring Recovery Pill.

At this moment, everyone in the audience no longer questioned the efficacy of the Spring Recovery Pill, and every one of them was incomparably eager for it.

The difference was that some people were financially overwhelmed, so they were already fist-pumping and eager to try it now.

Others, however, knew in their hearts that they could not possibly afford it, so they could only give up the competition with great reluctance.

At this moment, Song Wanting continued, “Next, please ask our staff to present the second Spring Return Pill to the stage!”

An etiquette lady once again came up with a delicate silver tray, and on top of this silver tray was the second Spring Return Pill that everyone had been waiting for.

After the lady had carefully placed the silver tray on the display, Song Wanting smiled and said, “The starting price for the second Spring Return Pill is still US$100 million, and the rules for bidding up are still the same, with a minimum increase of US$10 million each time.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the Middle Eastern tycoon raised his hand without thinking and shouted, “I bid two billion dollars!”

The second first bid had instantly increased the starting price by 20 times, something that would have been impossible at any auction.

But at this moment, not a single person on the floor felt that this price was out of the ordinary.

After all, everyone knew very well that the first copy of the Spring Return Pill had already fetched this price, so how could the second copy be lower than it?

If the price of the second copy had gone up from US$100 million, it would have been a problem in the minds of the people present.

Therefore, as soon as the Middle Eastern tycoon’s mouthful of US$2 billion fell, someone immediately raised his hand, “US$2.1 billion!”