Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4270

Seeing this, An Chongqiu hurriedly said, “Kai Feng, don’t go, just stay here and guard Dad, in case there are any unexpected situations, you can also respond in time.”

An Kaifeng was a little hesitant, but after thinking about it, he agreed to go.

In fact, he was eager to go out with everyone to see if it was Ye Chen who had returned or not.

After all, of the An family siblings, although everyone had deep feelings for An Chengqing, An Kai Feng’s feelings for his sister An Chengqing were the deepest among the siblings.

He had always been a thundering, strong man, but that was only gradually developed after An Chengqing’s death.

When An Chengqing was alive, he was the most devout follower of An Chengqing.

It was only after An Chengqi’s death that he began to imitate his sister’s style of behaviour and gradually became what he is today.

But deep down in his heart, he felt that he was not as capable as his sister.

At this moment.

Above the end of the runway, a plane had gradually approached from high to low, from far to near.

The An family’s hearts were getting more and more nervous.

The old lady couldn’t help but ask the sons and daughters around her, “Do you think …… Chen’er will be on the plane?!”

Everyone dared not answer one by one, after all, Ye Chen had been missing for almost twenty years, they simply did not dare to hope that Ye Chen would return at this time.

In the past, they had made a few oops, several times they thought they had found Ye Chen, but in the end, it was all confirmed through DNA and they were just having an empty joy.

So this time, everyone was also worried that this time it would still be a dream of Nanke.

As the roar of the plane’s engines got closer and closer, the plane Gu Qiuyi was on finally landed smoothly at the end of the runway, followed by an even louder whirring sound as the counter-thrust mechanism of the plane’s engine opened.

A few moments later, the plane had slowed down, and under the guidance of the ground guidance vehicle, it slowly glided to the main entrance of the main building.

The moment the hatch opened, the An family’s hearts were in their throats.

And at that moment, Gu Qiuyi, who was inside the hatch, was also tense to the extreme.

Immediately afterwards, the hatch opened.

The moment the An family saw Gu Qiuyi, several of the young grandchildren immediately let out a shriek, “It’s Gu Qiuyi?!”

As the top stream in Chinese singers, Gu Qiuyi’s popularity was indeed very high.

Several of Ye Chen’s younger siblings knew of her and all liked her songs very much.

Therefore, when they saw Gu Qiuyi coming down from the cabin, they were all surprised beyond addition.

The old lady was so nervous at this moment that she kept looking behind Gu Qiuyi, but when she saw that there was no longer anyone else behind Gu Qiuyi, her heart was suddenly lost again.

She knew that her grandson was definitely not on the plane.

Gu Qiuyi had already walked up to the crowd by this time, forcing down her nervousness and spoke, “Hello everyone, I’m Gu Qiuyi …… is brother Ye Chen’s fiancee ……”

“Gu Qiuyi ……” The old lady looked at her and hurriedly asked after her, “Are you the young girl from the Gu family that Chengqi had said?!”

Gu Qiuyi nodded hastily and said respectfully, “That’s right, it’s me ……”

After saying that, she asked politely, “You must be brother Ye Chen’s grandmother, right?”

The old lady nodded gently, “It’s me …… Good child, tell grandma, do you have the whereabouts of Chen’er?”