Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3989

As the auction came to an end, Xiao Churan had already started preparing for her trip to America with Ye Chen.

                Because she was going for a longer period of time, she carefully packed out two large suitcases of luggage, and made a list of preparations herself, following it one by one, fearing that she would leave something behind.

                In contrast, Ye Chen was much more casual.

                Apart from a few sets of change of clothes, he brought almost nothing else with him.

                In his opinion, it would be more convenient to pack lightly and get everything he needed when he arrived in America, rather than going through the trouble of preparing all kinds of luggage.

                However, the thrifty Xiao Churan did not think so, as she felt that many things were readily available at home, so if she packed them up and brought them with her, she would not have to spend money on buying more when she arrived in America.

                Ye Chen knew her temperament, so he went along with her.

                However, when it came to travel and accommodation, Ye Chen didn’t give Xiao Churan the chance to save money.

                He bought two first cla*s tickets to fly to New York directly, and then booked a very practical Audi A6 Touring at a chain of car rental companies at the New York airport.

                The driving licences of China and the US are mutually recognised, and Ye Chen had done the translation in advance so that he could use it normally when he arrived in the US.

                As for accommodation, Ye Chen booked their only presidential suite at the Hilton Hotel near the Rhode Island School of Design.

                The presidential suite had an area of over 500 square metres, which was a bit too large for two people.

                However, Ye Chen saw that it had all the facilities, a small gym of its own, and because it was on the top floor, it also had an open-air pool.

                Staying in such a room, one basically did not have to deal with the other guests of the hotel.

                Ye Chen and Xiao Churan were about to leave for the United States, and his old husband Xiao Changkun had also started packing his bags for his upcoming trip to Korea.

                He was leaving on the same day as Ye Chen and Xiao Churan, except that their flight was at 8.30am, while Ye Chen and Xiao Churan were on a flight at 12 noon.

                As this was an exchange trip to Korea with Han Meiqing, Xiao Changkun was in an extraordinarily excited mood and always felt that it was no different from going on a honeymoon and enjoying the world of the two of them together.

                Therefore, he had been looking forward to this trip to Korea for a long time.

                Ma Lan saw that the rest of the family was busy with their trip abroad, and she was somewhat lonely in her own heart.

                This was the first time that everyone had left home, leaving her alone.

                Fortunately, Ye Chen had taken the initiative to honour the promise he had made to Ma Lan and transferred 500,000 RMB into her bank account the day before her departure.

                After receiving the money, Ma Lan was naturally overwhelmed with excitement and all feelings of loneliness and despondency were swept away.

                The money was enough for her to live in style in Jinling for a very long time.

                After receiving the money, Ma Lan said to Ye Chen happily and excitedly, “Good son-in-law, you and Churan will stay in the United States, don’t worry about mum, mum will definitely take care of herself!”

                Xiao Churan looked at her mother’s money-obsessed look and shook her head helplessly while instructing, “Mom, you must not spend money too extravagantly and wastefully.”

                Ma Lan muttered resentfully, “Okay, okay, I know! I’ll be careful!”

                Ye Chen said with a smile, “Mom, don’t listen to Churan, if you have the money, you should spend it freely, preferably during the time we are not at home, and spend every cent of it.

                When Ma Lan heard this, she smiled happily and said, “You are my good son-in-law! You’ve really hit the nail on the head!”