Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3846

Hearing this, Fei Jianzhong couldn’t help but mutter, “I asked you to tell my fortune, what kind of thing is it for you to give me two whole lines of lyrics ……”

“Foolishness!” Lai Qing Hua bellowed and asked him with a raised eyebrow, “It’s just two idioms, how come after being written into a song, it becomes a lyric when I say it again?”

Fei Jianzhong hurriedly said, “Brother Lai! That’s not what I meant! What I meant was, could you please take the trouble to explain it to me more clearly.”

Lai Qing Hua shook his head helplessly and said, “The literal meaning is already very clear, it is just that I cannot really see or understand it, and the internal causes of this matter are complex, the external causes are too many, and the variables are so great that the form may be changing every minute and every second, which is far beyond my ability.”

Hearing this, Fei Jianzhong could not help but rub his temples and sighed, “If you can’t even see through it, old brother, then I may be even more unable to understand it.”

Saying that, he looked out of the window and sighed softly, “Hey, it’s really been years since I’ve been back in a flash ……”

Lai Qing Hua glanced out the window and asked him, “Jianzhong, your ancestors were from Huizhou, right?”

“Yes.” Fei Jianzhong nodded and said, “A native Huizhou man.”

Lai Qinghua sighed, “Ancestors were Huizhou merchants, no wonder you have been so successful in business in your life.”

After saying that, Lai Qing Hua looked at him and spoke, “Jianzhong, you and I are not young, let me ask you a question, don’t feel abrupt.”

Fei Jianzhong busily said, “Brother Lai, please ask.”

Lai nodded slightly and asked, “Have you ever considered what to do with your affairs after death? Should you rest in America for a long time or return to your roots?”

Fei Jianzhong smiled sarcastically and sighed, “I have been thinking about this matter since 20 to 30 years ago, but I have not come up with a result even now.”

He said, “My parents died early, and they were buried with their ancestors in their ancestral grave in Huizhou.

I can’t remember what my parents looked like, so if I return to my roots in the future, I’m afraid I’ll be a bit uncomfortable over there, and if I return to my roots, it will be a problem for my children and grandchildren to pay their respects. If there is really a soul after death, I would prefer to be closer to my children and grandchildren, so that I can continue to be with them.”

Lai Qing Hua smiled faintly and said seriously, “Jian Zhong, don’t overestimate the extent to which you are needed by your children and grandchildren when you are older, sometimes it is just wishful thinking on the part of us old bones.”

After saying this, Lai Qing Hua smiled to himself and said lightly, “Some days I feel as if I am still needed by many people, but in reality, I am just a burden to society.”

Fei Jianzhong laughed, “I am different from you on this point, you Lai family members saw through the fate of heaven early on, so you are instead somewhat thin-skinned towards your bloodline relatives, while I have taught my children since they were young that bloodline is more important than everything in many cases, including their own lives.”

“Let’s hope so!” Lai Qing Hua smiled noncommittally and did not comment too much more.

Fei Jianzhong also seemed to have a lot of emotions in his heart at this point, and after sighing, he leaned back on the comfortable sofa seat and looked out of the window without saying a word.

Ninety minutes later, the Boeing 747 in which Fei Jianzhong was travelling finally landed at Jinling Airport.

The moment the plane landed, the normal impact between the landing gear and the ground caused Fei’s heart to pound wildly for a while, and the health care doctor hurriedly helped him with all kinds of relief before he felt a little more comfortable.