Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4549

At this moment, Ye Chen saw a relief-like release from Liu Jiahui’s face.

However, he only smiled slightly, and then asked Liu Jiahui, “Mr. Liu looks very happy, is there anything special today?”

Liu Jiahui waved his hand and said with a smile, “Haha, apart from the cooperation with Mr. Ye, all other matters are trivial and minor! It’s nothing to worry about!”

Ye Chen also did not point out, looking out of the window and said blandly, “Last night it was raining heavily, but today the sun is shining brightly, it seems that something good is going to happen.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Liu Jiahui said with a smile, “I had Master Yu of Xuanji Hall read my fortune this morning, and he said that my fortune today has signs of purple energy coming from the east, saying that something great is about to happen.”

“Master Yu of the Xuanqi Hall?” Ye Chen asked with some surprise, “I wonder who this Master Yu’s surname is? What’s the relationship with that Yu Jinghai from earlier?”

Liu Jiahui asked in surprise, “Mr. Ye has also heard of the mighty name of Master Yu Jinghai?”

Ye Chen smiled awkwardly and thought to himself, “I didn’t know that I had heard of Yu Jinghai and used the Order of Stunning Thunder to split him into dust.”

However, it was impossible for Ye Chen to say such things, so he said with a smile, “I had heard that Hong Kong Island Yu Jinghai was a very famous master of metaphysics, but I have never met him.”

Liu Jiahui nodded and said seriously, “Master Yu was previously the most famous master of metaphysics in the whole of Hong Kong Island, almost all the rich and famous stars in the whole of Hong Kong Island are regular guests in his home, and I have a very good personal relationship with him.”

Ye Chen asked him curiously, “Then where is this Master Yu now?”

Liu Jiahui said, “Since last year, Grandmaster Yu has been searching for heavenly treasures all year round, and some time ago the Xuanji Hall announced to the public that Grandmaster Yu had found an immortal cave in the Mainland and had started his retreat.”

Ye Chen laughed out loud and spoke, “Immortal’s Edge Cave, is it hard to say that he wants to cultivate immortality?”

Liu Jiahui said seriously, “Mr. Ye, the Xuanji Hall practices Feng Shui metaphysics and is most good at using heavenly treasures to set up Feng Shui formations, it is said that they all have to go into seclusion to cultivate when they reach a certain age, and Master Yu is no exception.”

Ye Chen smiled and nodded his head.

It seemed that this Xuanji Hall also did not know whether Yu Jinghai was dead or alive, so in order to avoid affecting his family’s reputation, he simply made up the story that Yu Jinghai was in seclusion to cultivate.

He then asked Liu Jiahui, “Mr. Liu hasn’t said what the relationship is between Mr. Yu, who told your fortune, and Yu Jinghai.”

Liu Jiahui then said, “The one who is currently sitting in the Xuanji Hall is Yu Jinghai’s son, Yu Yiwei.”

Ye Chen nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

Soon, Liu Jiahui’s car drove to the most prosperous financial centre of Hong Kong Island, Central.

Liu Jiahui had two office buildings in Central, the total value of which now exceeded HK$20 billion, which was considered the largest component of all Liu Jiahui’s a*sets.

However, Liu Jiahui is not yet considered a big shot in Central. The real big shot in Central is actually the Li family, which has faded out of Hong Kong Island, and the total value of one building of the Li family in Central Centre is close to HK$40 billion.

After the caravan entered Central, Liu Jiahui also introduced to Ye Chen with a proud face, “Mr. Ye this is Central, the financial centre of Hong Kong Island, you haven’t been to Hong Kong Island for a long time, you may not know much about Hong Kong Island, the land price in Central is really every inch of gold.”

He said, smiling, “Mr. Ye, the rent of Grade A office buildings here is almost the highest in the world, 60% more expensive than the famous Manhattan in New York, and those who can put their companies here are all Fortune 500 companies without exception.”