Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4527

Sect Leader Lin cried out, “I know …… Although forbidden pills are very helpful in improving strength for a short period of time, they are by nature an overdraft of the human body’s potential and have great side effects on the user himself, doing more harm than good and outweighing the losses ……”

Wan Bajun looked at him and pointed his finger at the fearful Hong Yuanshan, asking again, “Although you have been expelled from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, you were once a member of my Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and every member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall who served there has a pride! But why did you degrade yourself and work for such unworthy trash?”

Lin cried out in repentance, “Hall Master …… It was only because of a moment of confusion and lust for profit that I was persuaded by this old dog to become the head of the Hongmen …… I have disgraced the Hall Master and the countless brothers and sisters of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so please punish the Hall Master!”

Wan Broken Jun spoke, “You are no longer a member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, anything you do has nothing to do with my Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so there is no talk of losing the face of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.”

After saying that, Wan Bajun looked at Ye Chen, clasped his hands and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, although this person is no longer a member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, he has served under my command, now he has degraded himself, helped the evil-doers first, has no eyes and has offended you, I cannot escape responsibility, please decide how to punish him, Mr. Ye!”

With these words, Wan Bajun caused everyone to focus their attention on Ye Chen again.

At this moment, these people understood why Ye Chen had always not put Hong Yuanshan in his eyes in the slightest, it turned out that he was the real big boss.

Even the famous and powerful Wan Bajun had to call himself a subordinate in front of him, and it was self-evident what the meaning of this was.

This meant that everyone in the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, including Wan Breaking Army, was in fact doing their loyalty for Ye Chen!

The old fox-like Hong Yuanshan instantly understood just what he had offended today.

What he had offended today was actually the true master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!

He knelt down on the ground almost instantly, slapping himself while crying and saying to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I have offended you today with my eyes, please don’t be insensitive to my old bones that are about to go into the ground ……”

Ye Chen smiled, “Don’t, you’re not an old bone, you’re just an old dog.”

The fear within Hong Yuanshan had crushed all the anger and humiliation within him, and he was busy nodding his head repeatedly, “You are right …… I am …… I am just an old dog, an old dog that only barks and barks …… I beg you to spare me this time for the sake of my age ……”

Ye Chen sneered, “You just now wanted to kill me, and now you are kneeling on the ground saying you are an old dog and want me to let you go, if I, Ye Chen, am so easy to talk to, what can I do to convince the public in the future?”

Hong Yuanshan trembled and cried, “I …… I was just trying to show off my tongue …… There was no malice ……”

“Oh.” Ye Chen hummed and laughed: “So it was a show of tongue, what did you just say that you were going to make Instructor Lin do? Oh yes, you told him to tear my mouth open and rip out my tongue, did I say that right?”

Hong Yuanshan was shaking like chaff in fear and stammered, “I …… I am …… I’m just making things up …… No …… No …… I’m just a fart …… It’s bullsh*t ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “Hong Yuanshan, you are an old man, use your own experience to analyze today’s matter, do you think that if you kneel on the ground and beg me for a few words and then humiliate yourself, this matter will be so over? You’ve been out for so many years, you must have encountered a few people kneeling on the ground and begging you, and what did you do?”

Hong Yuanshan looked at Ye Chen’s cold expression and immediately understood in his heart that it was definitely impossible for him to pa*s through this calamity today unscathed.

Thinking of this, he asked Ye Chen with old tears in his eyes, “Mr. Ye …… You …… What exactly do you want from me so that you can give me a higher hand?”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and said indifferently, “It’s very simple, I want to treat others the same way as others!”