Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3730

The registration for the Spring Return Pill Auction closed quickly.

        Nearly 1,000 tycoons from around the world applied, but in the end only two hundred were able to make the cut.

        After the deadline, Song Wanting began to arrange for her team to start the capital verification process. If a tycoon was ranked in Forbes, the latest value published in Forbes’ list would be used directly, but if a tycoon did not appear in Forbes’ list, a series of tedious and elaborate capital verification processes would be required.

        As for Ye Chen’s side, he also began to prepare for the auction. There was no need to prepare for the Spring Return Pill, as it was ready-made after all.

        The amulets are not difficult to make, but their functions are relatively homogeneous.

        Some can ward off evil spirits, some can be used for transit, and some can protect from disasters, but there is hardly any all-purpose amulet.

        Moreover, according to the Nine Mystical Scriptures, the effectiveness of amulets varies greatly depending on the material used and the ability of the maker.

        If one is a beginner who knows a bit of Qi Men Dun Jia and Runic Seal, the talisman made will often have only a very weak effect.

        For example, if the amulet for transit is of average level, if one could originally win five dollars by buying a lottery ticket, with the blessing of the amulet, one would only win ten dollars at most.

        However, if the person who made the amulet is very strong, then a lottery ticket that would have won two dollars might win five million dollars.

        Moreover, the effectiveness of this thing is not stacked layer by layer like a pile of data.

        To put it more plainly, lottery prizes span a wide range of levels, from a minimum of five dollars, then ten, two hundred, three thousand, hundreds of thousands, and even five million.

        This amulet, which can make someone who wins five dollars win ten dollars, is because its greatest ability is to add five dollars to the original, not to add a notch to the original.

        If a person is already very lucky in his own right and can win a $300,000 prize by himself, it is unlikely that he will win five million even if he wears the amulet, because the difference is so great that it far exceeds the ability of the amulet itself.

        Therefore, if such a person wears a low-level amulet, then at most, he will first win the $300,000 prize by his own luck, and after cashing out the prize, he will pick up five dollars at the entrance of the lottery centre with the help of the amulet.

        That’s all.

        The same is true of the amulet for protection from disasters.

        According to the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, precious jade can indeed protect its owner from disasters, as folklore says, so it is not an empty claim that many folk legends say that precious jade will break after it has protected its owner from disasters.

        This is because when a jade reaches a certain level of quality and is worn by its owner for a certain number of years, it naturally becomes a talisman that can ward off disasters.

        However, the kind of disaster such an amulet can ward off depends on the effectiveness of the amulet itself.

        If the amulet is of low efficacy, it may be able to ward off a little bit of bloodshed after going out, but it may not be effective at all in the event of a car accident.

        However, if the efficacy is high enough, it can theoretically save one’s life in critical moments.

        The main reason why Ye Chen rarely made amulets before was that making them required the consumption of spiritual energy, and at that time his own spiritual energy was already insufficient and difficult to replenish, so he did not dare to waste too much spiritual energy on them.

        The only times he had made amulets were when he used the giant clams he had snatched from Yu Jinghai at the auction to make a thunderbolt, a thunderbolt talisman and a string of sea spirit beads that could calm the spirit and replenish the qi.

        I kept the thunderbolt, and gave the talisman to Qin Gang, and the string of sea spirit pearls to my wife Xiao Churan.

        The giant clam, which was huge and advanced, still had a lot left, and Ye Chen had kept it properly.

        Now, with the help of the Peiyuan Dan, his spiritual energy was more than a hundred times stronger than it was back then, so he also took this opportunity to properly refine a few protective talismans, as well as talismans that would be of greater use to him.

        Ye Chen first used a portion of the Giant Clams to refine a few medium-level disaster-blocking talismans, with this kind of talisman augmentation, ordinary people could at least be spared from death.