Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4342

The other party said helplessly, “Boss, even if we install the skynet in New York, it’s useless. Even if we can install 100,000 cameras overnight, half of them will be smashed by the gang members the next day, and the remaining half will be dismantled by homeless people for cigarettes and burgers …… ”

Li Yalin sighed and said, “Forget it, you can look for any other clues.”

The other party was busy asking, “Should we ask the owner of that roast goose shop? Maybe the roast goose shop has its own surveillance.”

Li Yalin immediately said, “Don’t go yet, that Gu Qiuyi, as the most famous singer in the Chinese field, even went to this roast goose restaurant for dinner, it is likely that she knows the owner, so if you go to ask him, you will scare the snake.”

The first thing you need to do is to go inside the restaurant and see if there are any surveillance cameras. If there are, have someone act out a mobile phone snatching scene in the afternoon, and then go to the shop with a different brother and say that you need to retrieve their surveillance footage. .”

The other party laughed: “I’ll go to …… head, you’re still the best! Then I’ll wait for them to open the door and go over to take a look first!”

After Li Yalin gave a hmph, he hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, he flipped back to the video he had just seen, and then he pulled back the progress bar, he then saw An Chongqiu’s car leaving the roast goose shop quickly first, and shortly after that, he himself also walked out of the roast goose shop, and right after that, the car that Gu Qiuyi was in then also drove away from Chinatown in the same direction as An Chongqiu.

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but mutter, “When I went to this shop with Chongqiu that day, it was already long after dinner and the shop seemed to be empty, so where is Gu Qiuyi?”

With this in mind, he closed his eyes and recalled in his mind what had happened in the roast goose shop that day.

Soon, the images of that day presented themselves in his mind’s eye.

Having been a detective for a long time, he had a very strong pa*sive memory. He might not have noticed a small detail at the scene at the time, but those details had actually been stored mechanically in his mind like a video recorder, and recalling it was like rewinding and rewatching it all over again, and many of the details of that time could be captured again.

He soon remembered that in the roast goose shop that day, there was a wooden staircase going up on the right hand side. When he and An Chongqiu entered the door that day, they did not deliberately pay attention to the staircase, but in the image that suddenly flashed in his mind, the staircase was not empty at that time, but the four legs of two people appeared in the top right corner of the image in his mind.

He immediately confirmed in his mind that when he and An Chongqiu had arrived at the roast goose shop that day, Gu Qiuyi should have just gone up with another person.

He then couldn’t help but murmur, “Who was the other person? Was it her agent? Or was it the kid who disliked Fei Xuebin so much that he was speechless when Fei Hao Yang was kidnapped that day?”

Thinking of this, his mind could not help but recall Ye Chen’s performance that day again.

When he thought of Ye Chen, he couldn’t help but think: “After Fei Hao Yang was kidnapped that day, under Fei Xuebin’s aggressive posture, that kid was able to do nothing to fear or even let go of him, so it shows that he was extremely confident in his heart, but why was he so confident? You know, this is the Fei family’s territory, and he accompanied Gu Qiuyi to the charity dinner organised by Fei Hao Yang, so he must know what the Fei family’s strength and background is.”

“Knowing what the Fei family is capable of, he still doesn’t put Fei Xuebin in his eyes at all, this kind of person, is he too strong, or is he too crazy?”