Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4343

As Li Yalin thought of this, he felt more and more that there seemed to be some secrets in that young man’s body.

He felt that a person, whether he was crazy or strong, had to have enough backbone, so he wanted to find out why that young man had the backbone to face the line head-on with Fei Xuebin.

This young man, in his opinion, might become a breakthrough point.

However, what he was most worried about now was that he did not know how he could reasonably approach that young man.

After all, if a person’s rash approach did not have a reasonable enough reason, then he would definitely suspect the other party’s motive for approaching him.

For a wise man, once he sensed that something was wrong, he would immediately respond in such a way that the other party could not find any breakthrough point.

Just when he was worried about this matter, An Chongqiu suddenly called.

Without any hesitation, Li Yalin pressed the answer button directly.

On the other end of the line, An Chongqiu asked straight away, “Old Li, did you find anything new last night?”

In fact, An Chongqiu hadn’t slept much last night, and his mind had been wondering where exactly Gu Qiuyi had learned the news of the old man’s critical illness.

However, after all, he had told Li Yalin yesterday that he did not want to investigate Gu Qiuyi, so now he was too embarra*sed to ask Li Yalin directly, so he could only ask vaguely if there were any new discoveries.

Li Yalin had been good buddies with An Chongqiu for many years, so he naturally knew what was on his brother’s mind, so he replied directly, “I had someone trace the source backwards from JFK Airport, and you may not believe me when I say it, when we were eating roast goose in Chinatown, this Gu Qiuyi was also there.”

“What?!” An Chongqiu asked, incomparably surprised, “She was also in the shop? That can’t be, there were only two of us in the shop at that time, apart from the owner and his mate, right?”

Li Yalin said, “You may not have noticed, but I thought back carefully, when we entered the shop, there were two people who went upstairs before us, and one of them was Gu Qiuyi.”

An Chongqiu blurted out, “I can’t believe …… there’s such a coincidence! This means that Miss Gu didn’t get the news of the old man’s critical illness from anyone else, she heard it directly from me ……”

“Right.” Li Yalin gave a sarcastic laugh and said, “It seems like I overthought this matter, I thought yesterday that there must be some conspiracy theory here, but to my surprise, things are just so coincidental, at that time after you said that the old master was seriously ill and rushed to the airport, I didn’t take long to leave as well, after I left Gu Qiuyi’s car also left Chinatown, in the same direction as you, it must have gone directly That would explain why she arrived in Los Angeles around the same time as you.”

An Chongqiu sighed, “It seems that the old man was really blessed with a great life …… If the two of us hadn’t gone to eat roast goose that day, the old man certainly wouldn’t have been able to pa*s this hurdle either ……”

“Yes.” Li Yalin sighed, “Speaking of which, this Miss Gu is also really affectionate, after hearing about this matter, she immediately went to Los Angeles in a flash, it seems that the reason why she would go to Los Angeles is not to pay a visit, but to save the old master.”

An Chongqiu said with immense emotion, “I really didn’t expect that the hidden story of the matter would be like this …… In that case, our An family owes Miss Gu an even greater debt of gratitude ……”

Li Yalin hmmed, but soon muttered with some doubt, “Chongqiu, there is one thing I don’t understand, you don’t mind if I say it.”