Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4111

The reason why Fei Hao Yang chose the venue at his own hotel was also to make it more convenient to strike.

Although Fei Hao Yang also knew that once Gu Qiuyi really disappeared in his own hotel, the hotel would definitely generate a lot of negative news, but he did not care about this at all.

On the one hand, it was because negative news about the hotel carried far less weight for him than Gu Qiuyi’s.

The other is that he is well aware that consumers are extremely forgetful nowadays, and the survival cycle of negative news for any commercial brand is usually no more than one month.

In the past, many hotels were negligent in their management, resulting in the personal danger or even death of female customers in the hotel, and the reputation and business of the hotel would indeed receive a great impact for a short period of time, but after a month, the occupancy rate of the hotel would return to the level before the accident.

When Lu Si Nian heard the time of the 11th, he was in a bit of a dilemma all of a sudden, he looked at Fei Hao Yang with some embarra*sment and asked tentatively, “Young Master Fei, recently our Chamber of Commerce has a lot of affairs, the 11th may be a bit rushed ah …… I wonder if we can put it after the 15th?”

“After the 15th?” When Fei Hao Yang heard this timeline, he immediately understood in his heart that this was the New York leg of Gu Qiuyi’s tour.

However, he asked in mock confusion, “Chairman Lu, why do we have to wait until the 15th? It’s still half a month away, and it doesn’t take so long to prepare for a dinner party, does it?”

Lu Si Nian was busy explaining respectfully, “You don’t know, Young Master Fei, but the executive vice president of our Chamber of Commerce matched the Chamber with a cooperation some time ago, which is the concert of the internationally renowned Chinese singer Miss Gu Qiuyi Gu.”

Lu Si Nian looked at Fei Hao Yang and asked him, “Young Master Fei should have heard of Miss Gu, right?”

Fei Hao Yang said in a casual manner, “I’ve heard of her, I’ve heard some of her songs, although I can’t say I’m a fan of hers, but I still admire her very much.”

Lu Si Nian nodded and continued, “Miss Gu is going to hold the first show of her North American tour in New York on the 15th, have you heard about this?”

Fei Hao Yang shook his head in denial, “No, I haven’t heard about that. I seem to remember hearing someone say that her North American concert was going to start in Canada first, right?”

Lu Si Nian explained, “Her performance plan has changed, she did start in Canada before, but now it has changed to New York.”

Lu Si Nian continued, “Miss Gu’s concert in New York is being promoted and the local business cooperation is being handled by our Chamber of Commerce. In the coming week, there will be at least twenty cooperation talks that I need to attend, and everyone else is also busy working around the clock, you have to say that the charity gala will be held on the evening of the 11th, right now, I really can’t spare the time and energy ……”

Fei Hao Yang smiled slightly, he knew very well in his heart that everything was just as Qiao Feiyun had said, the key to the success of this plan lay in Lu Si Nian.

So, it was also time to paint the pie for Lu Sinian himself!

So, he looked at Lu Si Nian and said seriously, “President Lu, I know that you are busy with your day-to-day work and are distracted, but I still hope that you can help me get this charity dinner started on time, and if this charity dinner is a complete success, I, Fei Hao Yang, will represent the Fei family and officially join the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and in the future, if the Fei family has suitable good resources, I will also be the first to dock them to President Lu!”