Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4110

Fei Hao Yang’s light-hearted words were like a thunderstorm to Lu Si Nian’s ears.

If we look at the entire United States, there is no other Chinese Chamber of Commerce that can invite a family of the magnitude of the Fei family.

After all, for many a*sociations, the Fei family’s a*sets alone might be more than the entire a*sets of all the members of the entire a*sociation combined, and under such circumstances, the Fei family would naturally be unwilling to play along with them.

The difference was like a billionaire who could not possibly join a club of millionaires whose a*sets per capita were only one or two million.

However, Fei Hao Yang came to the door and offered to join the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and when Lu Si Nian heard this, he was naturally thrilled beyond measure.

So he hurriedly asked respectfully, “Young Master Fei, I wonder what kind of cooperation you want to engage in with us? Don’t worry, as long as you say the word, the entire New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce will give its full support!”

Fei Hao Yang nodded and said with a smile, “I am trying to do some charity work with you guys.”

“Charity?” Lu Si Nian asked in astonishment, “Young Master Fei, you …… What kind of charity do you want to do? How do you need us to cooperate?”

Fei Hao Yang said with a serious face, “I want to set up a North American Chinese orphan relief fund and take out a sum of money to specifically support our Chinese orphans in North America, to provide them with better relief and guarantee their lives and education.”

“Oops!” Lu Sinian exclaimed, “Young Master Fei, you are doing a great service! Although there are not many Chinese orphans in North America, once they do become orphans, the situation is quite a bit more difficult than that of orphans at home, and if a charity fund is set up specifically for them, it will mean a lot to them!”

Saying that, Lu Si Nian was busy asking, “Young Master Fei, how do we need to cooperate in this matter?”

Fei Hao Yang said seriously, “My idea is that I will pay for a charity dinner, invite some Chinese entrepreneurs in New York, and then we will all donate some money together, and this charity fund will be officially established. The Chinese have to help the Chinese in such matters! That’s why I thought of your Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

I am going to start with 20 million US dollars, and then we will see if our compatriots in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce can also contribute.”

Lu Sinian said without thinking, “Don’t worry, Young Master Fei, our Chinese Chamber of Commerce is naturally obliged to contribute to such matters.

Fei Hao Yang said, “There is no need to donate too much, this time I plan to adopt a pledging system, from the day this charity fund is established, I will personally bear half of all the funds, and the remaining half will be raised from the whole society.

Lu Si Nian nodded: “No problem, our Chinese Chamber of Commerce has over two hundred members, it’s still easy to raise twenty million dollars!”

After saying this, Lu Sinian asked, “Young Master Fei, when do you plan to hold this charity dinner?”

Fei Hao Yang said, “My current plan is the evening of the 11th, and the venue will be the banquet hall of the Wangfu Hotel in New York, but for this charity dinner, I have to ask Chairman Lu to arrange for some manpower to help with the preparations, as if it is a joint effort.”

Wangfu Hotel, a Chinese five-star hotel brand of the Fei family, has more than three hundred Chinese style five-star hotels in many countries around the world, and has developed very rapidly overseas over the years, and has become the most well-known Chinese hotel brand in the world.