Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4366

At this point, Chen Zhao Zhong was ashamed and said, “But, Young Master Ye, a gentleman’s word is a promise that cannot be followed by a team of horses! I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid that others will poke my backbone and call me a villain who has gone back on his word. …… So …… please don’t put pressure on Liu for my sake, since he kept his promise and didn’t come after me again, I should also keep my promise and never return to Hong Kong Island. return to Hong Kong Island!”

Ye Chen was slightly stunned as he listened, and felt in his heart that Chen Zhao Zhong was open and honest, but at the same time he felt that he was too decent and had set the moral bar too high, and that he was only torturing himself.

However, Ye Chen could see the determination in his eyes at this time, and knew that this matter could not be done in accordance with his own ideas, and that in order to make Chen Zhaozhao Zhong put aside what happened back then and move forward, it was still necessary to follow what the old ancestors had said, that the bell had to be untied.

Otherwise, even if he asked the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to escort Chen Zhaozhong back to Hong Kong Island and used his strength to force Liu to grovel, Chen Zhaozhong would still feel inferior to the other party in his heart.

Although he had an agreement with Liu not to return to Hong Kong Island, he had not agreed with Liu not to return to the mainland, so if he could not return to Hong Kong Island, he could still return to the mainland with himself and work for the Ye Group.

However, when the words were on his lips, Ye Chen did not say them in the end.

He knew that, given Chen Zhao Zhong’s character, he would not refuse his request on account of his father’s kindness to him and the fact that he had saved his life.

But he also knew that that incident, and the people involved in it, was a knot in Chen Zhaozhong’s heart.

One should not let him devote himself to the business of the Ye Group before his knot in his heart was opened.

Therefore, Ye Chen decided that after his wife Xiao Churan’s master cla*s in the United States was over, he would take some time to go to Hong Kong Island and have a good chat with that Liu, preferably so that he could personally retract his initial request to Chen Zhaozhong and allow Chen Zhaozhong to return to Hong Kong Island freely.

After he had returned to Hong Kong and had settled his mind, he would then offer him an olive branch.

If I have the ability to do so, I will make Liu’s heart and soul come to New York to ask you to return, if I do not have the ability, I will not use my strength to force Liu’s hand. ”

Hearing this, Chen Zhao Zhong wanted to say something, but hesitated for a moment and then held back.

Immediately, he looked at Ye Chen, nodded gratefully and said seriously, “Thank you Young Master Ye for understanding!”

Ye Chen looked at the time and spoke, “Uncle Zhong, I still have some things to take care of, so I won’t bother you. If you have time, we’ll see you then.”

Chen Zhao Zhong shook his head and said, “Young Master Ye, I won’t be going to Miss Gu’s concert, your great uncle should still be in Los Angeles today, and Li Yalin’s attention is on the Fei Group for the time being, so when they each finish their business at hand, they will probably come to me to ask about Miss Fei.”

“As long as Li Yalin didn’t recognise that I was beside Miss Gu when Fei Hao Yang disappeared that day, then I could still say that Miss Gu came to the shop and just happened to come over for a meal, and I was only focused on making a living all day long and didn’t know any big stars, so I didn’t notice;”

“If they don’t have a clue that I know Miss Gu, I guess they can stall it this time without any problems, but if they find out that I went to Miss Gu’s concert tomorrow, this matter will be hard to explain, and maybe Li Yalin will remember me too.”

Ye Chen nodded understandingly and said, “Uncle Zhong, in that case, then I’ll come back to see you when I next have the chance to come to New York!”