Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4365

Now that Ye Chen thought about it, at that time, he heard the news of Grandpa’s critical illness on the first floor of the restaurant, and then immediately asked Gu Qiuyi to bring the blood dispersal heart saving pills to Los Angeles, a move that he did not have time to do any cover-up at all.

Therefore, as long as the great uncle’s side started backtracking from Gu Qiuyi’s trajectory after her arrival in Los Angeles, they would definitely focus their attention on Uncle Zhong’s roast goose restaurant.

Chen Zhao Zhong could see Ye Chen’s helplessness and knew what he was thinking, so he spoke up and said comfortingly, “Young Master Ye, human lives are at stake, you had no other good choice at that time, and it’s a good thing that your Great Uncle should not have noticed your presence yet.”

Ye Chen sighed, “I came to your shop with my daughter, if he found the CCTV footage, he would probably recognise me. I guess Li Yalin sent someone to find the CCTV footage of your place to find out who my daughter was with and what was so special about her.”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled slightly and said, “You can rest a*sured that there are not many security cameras outside of Chinatown, there used to be some, but they were smashed to bits when they were installed, and then they simply stopped installing them. ”

The camera is also mounted on the top of the inside of the door and then angled to encompa*s the entire shop entrance, but because the angle of the camera is angled downwards at forty-five degrees, it can only reach the pavement on its own side at most, not the motorway, let alone the opposite side. It can’t film the opposite side, so you don’t need to worry.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen nodded gently, “That would be best.”

Chen Zhao Zhong said somewhat despondently, “Young Master Ye, since you don’t want to expose yourself, then my place, you should try not to come here in the future …… your great uncle and Li Yalin have their eyes on this place, they will definitely focus on my place in the future.”

“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “After Nui Nui’s concert tomorrow, I may not come back to New York for a short period of time, this place is golden, but not in the middle, behind the paper-drenched financial capital, I don’t know how many dirty deeds are hidden, so I don’t have a good impression of this place either.”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled and nodded his head with some melancholy, “It is rare to find another city in the world that breeds as much evil as New York, whether it is the glamorous Wall Street or the slums, where there is a great deal of group evil everywhere;”

“The evil of the slums is straightforward, violence, shootings, drug bays, human trade, but the evil of Wall Street is far more horrific than the slums, where successful people sitting in Wall Street skyscrapers can decide the lives and deaths of tens, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in some third world country just by sitting together and smoking a cigar, treating human lives like crap in the face of profit. ”

Ye Chen could see that Chen Zhao Zhong was also quite emotional, so he could not help but ask: “Uncle Zhong, you have been in America for so many years, have you ever thought of going back?”

Chen Zhao Zhong was slightly stunned, then he looked up at Ye Chen and said seriously, “Young Master Ye, to be honest, I want to go back, although my old father is no longer here, but my mother is still alive, and now that she is past her 80s and 90s, I also want to do my filial piety by her old man ……”

Speaking of this, Chen Zhao Zhong sighed lightly, “It’s just that, when Mr. Gu went to make peace with Liu Sheng for me back then, I promised the surname Liu in front of both of them that I would never return to Hong Kong Island in this life.”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Uncle Zhong, I really don’t care about Liu Sheng on Hong Kong Island, as long as you want to go back, I will solve all this for you.”

Chen Zhao Zhong stood up, clasped his hands together and said, “Young Master Ye, you are extremely powerful, not to mention one Liu, even if there are ten Liu’s, they will never be your opponent ……”