Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3949

Fei Jianzhong knew that he had no power of return, so in order not to involve his granddaughter Fei Kexin’s family, he immediately said, “Okay! I promise you! When I die, let Kexin take my body back with her!”

“Good!” The other party smiled readily and said, “In that case, then we have a deal. I have already ordered the recall of your and Kexin’s plane an hour ago.

At this point, the other party hung up the phone.

Fei Jianzhong froze in place for a few seconds before handing the mobile phone to the staff and saying in a dishevelled voice, “Sorry, I declare my abstention ……”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Bernard Elnor, who had been waiting anxiously, burst into an excited cheer and shouted, “The Spring Return Dan is mine! The Spring Return Dan is mine!”

At that moment, Fei Jianzhong’s five senses suddenly screwed up in pain, and a mouthful of blood spurted out uncontrollably.

The few people around him who were splashed with blood just wanted to curse, but to their surprise, Fei Jianzhong’s whole body instantly went limp and lost consciousness as if that mouthful of blood just now had exhausted his last ounce of energy.

The few people who had been sprayed with blood all over their heads and bodies, once they saw that the old man was instantly on the verge of death, one by one they did not care much and resentfully started to wipe the blood from their bodies.

Yuan Zixu hurriedly helped the unconscious Fei Jianzhong to his feet. He then reached out to feel Fei Jianzhong’s pulse and saw that his pulse was weak and he was already on the verge of death, so he hurriedly shouted, “The man is dying! Call an ambulance!”

At that moment, the door of the first floor box leading to the first floor balustrade was pushed open, and Fei Ke Xin panicked and fell on the first floor balustrade, crying out, “Grandpa! Master Yuan, what’s wrong with my grandfather?!”

Yuan Zixu looked up at Fei Kexin and said sadly, “Miss Kexin, Master he …… is afraid that he won’t make it!”

Fei Kexin immediately broke down and shouted at the staff, “Life is at stake, call an ambulance!”

Yuan Zixu, holding the already unconscious Fei Jianzhong, squeezed out of the seat and shouted to the staff, “Please help call an ambulance!”

Song Wanting was immediately ready to instruct the staff to hurry up and contact the staff who had made the emergency plan to come in.

She was afraid that if anyone suddenly became excited or irritated and collapsed here during the auction tonight, she had arranged an emergency team in advance.

The emergency team has prepared a comprehensive range of resuscitation equipment in advance, and in case of a critical situation, there are cars and helicopters to get people to the hospital as quickly as possible.