Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3727

As the men were led to the solid cage, Hong Wu pulled the black cloth bags covering their heads off one by one. Looking at the ten or so males with different skin tones, he said in a cold voice, “Since you are all agents, I guess you should all be proficient in Chinese. In this mu of land, I’ve never been afraid of anyone except Master Ye, and once you’re here, you’re the same as the dogs I’ve raised, so you must obey me, or else I’ll make your lives worse than death!”

The ten or so agents all tensed up when they saw that they were in front of a huge iron cage.

One of them shouted out of the blue, “We demand humanitarian treatment!”

Hong Wu went up to him and slapped him across the face, cursing, “f*ck you, you’ve come into our territory as a f*cking thief, trying to steal our f*cking stuff, and you have the f*cking nerve to ask me for humanitarian treatment? I’m only keeping your lives because you’ll be of some use in the future, so why don’t you get down on your knees and thank Master Ye for sparing your lives and still have the nerve to talk to me about this?”

After saying that, Hong Wu immediately said to his men, “Go, have the welder weld a hood for him, just like the one we made for the Tibetan mastiff before, and lock his pig head inside the hood. If he dares to say one more word, I’ll sew his mouth shut!”

Hong Wu’s fierceness immediately made the group of well-trained agents feel a little chill down their backs.

So all of them kept their mouths shut and waited anxiously for Hong Wu’s sentence.

In their hearts, they knew very well that their infiltration into Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals to steal core secrets was illegal, plus their special status would not be recognised by the West if anything happened to them, so now they could only let themselves be slaughtered, while hoping that their home country would come back to rescue them.

In no time at all, Hong Wu’s welders used thin steel bars to weld a mask for the unlucky man, which, when placed over his head, would have looked like an imitation of a fencer.

Hong Wu used an extremely common three-ring lock to lock the hood in place and said in a cold voice to the man, “Listen carefully, if you dare to open this hood yourself, I will have someone weld an iron coffin and weld you in it! Do you understand?”

Upon hearing this, the man humbled himself and said, “I understand, I understand!”

In a cold voice, Hong Wu ordered his men around him, “Take off all their clothes, leaving only one pair of trousers for each of them, and then put them all in the cage!”

Several of his men immediately stripped the men of their clothes, cut the nylon ties from their hands and pushed them into the cage one by one.

Since there were soldiers from the Dragon Palace standing next to them, none of the agents dared to resist and could only get into the cage honestly.

As soon as they entered the cage, the group felt a wave of despair.

The cage was as solid as gold for a human being, thirty millimetres of rebar cross-welded, leaving only a square gap of ten centimetres on each side, just enough space to stretch their arms out.

Once the men were all stuffed into the cage one by one, all their hopes rested on the iron door.

Most of these men were expert lock pickers, and as long as the lock was of normal mechanical construction, it was not too difficult in their eyes, and as long as the time was right to open it quietly, they would have a chance of escaping.

However, just as they were imagining how to crack the cell door, they saw several of Hong Wu’s men running over, dragging power cords and welding machines, crouching at the cell door and crackling at the iron door.

All at once, the fire from the welding was shooting out in all directions.

The men’s faces were instantly ashen, their hearts already desperate to the core.

The iron door was welded shut, so if they wanted to escape from here, there was hardly any possibility except to chop themselves up first!