Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4286

He and his son had been poured with a large amount of liquor by Ye Chen during the day, and were straight away drunk to the point of unconsciousness.

The maid later brought them here and after a brief check of the situation, the doctor found that both of them were already suffering from symptoms of severe alcohol poisoning and immediately started resuscitation.

Resuscitation of such alcoholic patients is very troublesome, not only do they have to be given gastric lavage and fluids, but they even have to be given haemodialysis so as to quickly reduce the alcohol level in their blood.

Both father and son are not young, and after such a round of torment, they have lost half of their lives.

Although Fei Xuebin was younger than Fei Shanhai, he drank more than Fei Shanhai, so after all this, their symptoms were basically the same.

Therefore, it was not until this moment that both father and son woke up.

Although both of them had woken up, they were both extremely weak, and could not even lift their arms, not to mention getting out of bed and moving around.

They were surrounded by Fei Shanhai’s wife, Fei Xuebin’s wife and several younger siblings.

When the old lady saw that the two of them had finally opened their eyes, she cried and complained, “You two are both old enough, why are you so clueless? The doctor said that if you had come a little late, you would have lost both your lives! How can you be so generous? Don’t you know that my precious grandson has not been found yet?”

At this moment, Fei Shanhai felt dizzy and his mouth was dry, and his whole body was as uncomfortable as it could be.

Originally, he didn’t want to say a word in his heart when he was in such a situation, but when he heard his wife complaining so much, he couldn’t help but say with an aggrieved face, “Do you think I want to drink so much? It’s not because that b*****d Ye forced me to!”

“Ah?!” The old lady exclaimed, “Which one is Ye?”

At the side, Fei Xuebin said resentfully, “We invited that Gu Qiuyi to be our guest at noon, and that guy surnamed Ye came with Gu Qiuyi.”

The old lady was even more puzzled and blurted out, “You drank when he told you to, and you drank to death one by one, are you two heartless?”

Fei Shanhai was being scolded by the old lady in front of her children, and felt even more uncomfortable. At that time, Ye’s attitude was very clear: if we didn’t drink the wine, we would be killed, so what could we do?”

The old lady said angrily, “It’s against him! A nobody dares to be so arrogant in the Fei family! Where is he?”

“Gone long ago.” Fei Xuebin said with a depressed expression, “That Ye is so strong that even Zhang Chuan is no match for him, moreover, even Hao Yang was kidnapped by him! What do you think we could do at that time? ……”

The old lady was horrified and asked, “What did you say? Ho-yeung was kidnapped by him?!”

“Yes ……” Fei Xuebin sighed, “He admitted it himself. A few slaps from Ye and he was on his knees like a dog begging for mercy.”

Fei Xuebin’s younger brother Fei Xuejin couldn’t help but say, “No wonder …… that Zhang Chuan kept kneeling in the restaurant, no one would call him, I thought this guy was kneeling there to repent because you two had too much to drink and you were afraid that we would punish him… …”

“Bullsh*t!” Fei Xuebin said angrily, “He’s just afraid of that Ye guy! It seems that Ye has destroyed his cultivation, that’s why he’s kneeling there, not daring to move! I’ll f*cking kill that b*****d!”

Remembering something, Fei Xuejin spoke up, “Right, big brother, Zhang Chuan told me that the man named Ye has given word that he will come again tonight!”

Fei Shanhai and Fei Xuebin both shivered in fear and said, “What did you say?”