Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3671

He said, with a sneer on his face, “This Chinese drug, just like the MiG 25, I thought it would have some complicated chemical ingredients in it, but I didn’t expect it to be all natural plant ingredients, I’ve been involved in a lot of reverse R&D in my life, and this is the first time I’ve developed it so quickly! It’s really interesting!”

In fact, it is not difficult to reverse develop a medicine.

It’s like a lot of cancer drugs that can be easily copied by small pharmaceutical companies in India, with little difference in efficacy.

This is because with chemical drugs, as long as you have the molecular formula and reverse develop the synthesis method, there can never be a problem as long as the molecular formula is the same for what you make.

This is like someone preparing hydrogen by electrolysis of water and someone preparing hydrogen by reacting aluminium with acid, although the methods are completely different, the result is hydrogen with the molecular formula H2, and there will never be any difference between the hydrogen prepared by these two methods.

The fundamental reason why generic drugs are not copied by countries other than India when they are so simple is that everyone has to abide by international patent rules and no country except India will allow a generic drug that infringes a patent to be marketed.

So even India’s own generic medicines can in theory only be sold in India itself, and patients from other countries who want to buy them can only do so through some rather grey and special routes.

Some Chinese medicines, although they do not have any special chemical composition, have a botanical composition that is readily apparent to professional analytical equipment, so they cannot withstand reverse development by others either.

The way to protect Chinese medicines from being reversed is to register patents early.

However, China is at a disadvantage because many Chinese medicines have been handed down from traditional medical texts, and before the Chinese themselves know how to register patents, they have been snapped up by Japan and Korea.

It was because it was so easy to reverse, that these researchers, were able to reverse the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills in the shortest possible time.

At this time, Smith rubbed his chin and spoke, “I’ve also dealt with drugs for half my life at the FDA, I really don’t understand, if it’s just a plant ingredient, how can it be so effective?”

Rogers shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands, “Then only God knows, and we, only need to know how it’s made and how it actually works, not how it actually works, there are many things in this world where you can’t understand the principle, just like what the Easterners often call metaphysics, you can’t f*cking figure it out.”

By this time, five patients, two minutes into their doses.

A large number of doctors were gathered around them, constantly monitoring all their physical indicators and at the same time constantly asking them exactly how they felt after taking the medicine.

However, two minutes had pa*sed and although their blood pressure, heart rate and other indicators had slightly improved and the patients themselves could detect a certain sense of strength, none of their tumour indicators, however, had any substantial change.

That is to say, when these medicines went into the patients’ stomachs, apart from making them feel a certain boost in physical strength, they had no curative effect on the cancer at all.

This was completely different from how they had behaved yesterday when they took the genuine Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills.

Yesterday, these doctors had witnessed the obvious changes in the tumours in their bodies.

But today, they had caught nothing.

After waiting for ten minutes, everything was still not progressing, Logos couldn’t help but frown: “Is there something wrong with the medicine we reversed out? Are there still some discrepancies in the ingredients and formula?”

“No.” The head of the team that first reversed this drug said very seriously, “We have even made the precision to the microgram level and molecular level, to a level where we can’t see any difference at all, so we can almost say it’s identical!”

The heads of the other teams all agreed, saying that they had also done research on the medicine that came out in reverse, as well as comparing it with the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill, and they could no longer see any differences exist.

However, it was just too unbelievable that the exact same thing was taken by the patients without any therapeutic effect.

Half an hour had pa*sed and five patients still did not notice any therapeutic effect.

Disappointed, Ruggles spoke, “Give the patients the Nine Mysterious Reclamation Pills and see!”

The doctors immediately started, giving the patients a second Nine Mysterious Reclamation Pill instead.

The face-punching situation immediately appeared.

All the patients once again showed a significant improvement in their cancer-related indicators when they took the genuine Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills!

This proved that the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, when taken, immediately provided definite therapeutic effects on the tumours!

This left a whole bunch of people even more at a loss.

Rutgers cursed under his breath, “Thisisun-f*-cking-believable!”

“This is f*cking like, the Chinese made a pizza with wheat, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms and tomato sauce, and it turns out the pizza is not only f*cking filling, it’s a f*cking cure for cancer!”

“And then we make the exact same pizza with the same wheat, the same cheese, the same vegetables, the same mushrooms and the same tomato sauce, using the same recipe process, and it doesn’t do sh*t except fill your f*cking stomach!”

“It’s f*cking …… unscientific!”