Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3824

Kelly West did not expect that even Fei Ke Xin, who was so young, would be impressed by An Chengqin.

Moreover, looking at her, she seemed to admire An Chengqing.

This made her feel relieved and she couldn’t help but sigh “It’s great that so many people still remember her after so many years ……”

Fei Ke Xin nodded, and hurriedly asked, “Kelly, how did you meet An Chengqing?”

I was a high-end private home designer, but high-end users were very dismissive of me as a fledgling designer, and in American society in those days, women were discriminated against in many jobs, and the design industry was no exception. ……”

She sighed lightly and said with gratitude “I saved my money and put up $5,000 to open my first solo show in Brooklyn, New York, but that show was almost unattended and the occasional visitor who came in usually walked out shaking their heads until An Chengqi, who was pa*sing by at the time, walked in… …”

“And then what happened?” Finkle asked, somewhat impatiently “And then she gave you a chance, did she?”

Kelly West smiled heartily and continued “I think she gave me a whole new world …… After that, not only did she give me a top Manhattan mansion to design, she even brought me right into Manhattan’s high society and recommended me to everyone around her. Since then, I have inexplicably caught fire and before the first full project was completed, I was already a sought-after private house designer in Manhattan ……”

Fei Kexin could not help but sigh “to be so selfless to share the best resources to a stranger, this kind of heart is really remarkable, no wonder so many companies in Silicon Valley are growing stronger and stronger under her investment, this kind of person who is fully committed to carrying others, often to achieve the greatest success …… ”

Kylie West said with unparalleled approval “She is indeed a very selfless person, especially to newcomers, has been very carry, if she thinks you are really a capable, talented people, then she will not sit back and let your ability and talent be buried, be disappointed.”

Xiao Churan, who was at the side, had already listened with fascination by now.

Although she did not have much social experience, she had never met a person like An Chengqing.

To her, this woman, whom she had never met before, or even just heard of for the first time, seemed to exude an endless charisma of personality.

But when she thought that Kerry West had just said that An Chengqing had been dead for twenty years, she couldn’t help but ask “May I ask …… why this Ms. An pa*sed away so early?”

“Not sure.” Kelly West shook her head and said, “I only know that her family claimed that she died in an accident at the time, but we don’t know exactly what the cause was.”

Fei Ke Xin said very seriously at this time “An Chengqing’s death, I once heard my grandfather talk about it, as if the reason behind it was extremely complicated, so complicated that even he kept it a secret, I actually asked him several times, he warned me very seriously not to explore it, and said don’t look at the An family can be ranked in the top three in the world’s top families, but in front of this matter, but also did not do any struggle. ”

Kelly West smiled helplessly and said, “Let’s not talk about such heavy topics, doesn’t Ms Xiao want to show us around the Golden Palace?”

“Yes.” Fei Ke Xin also hurriedly changed the subject and said to Xiao Churan, “Churan, we will be following you for the next few days!”

Xiao Churan hurriedly said, “I’ve already planned it all out, why don’t we leave now?”


Xiao Churan took Fei Kexin and Kelly West around Jinling for a whole day, and even though her feet were blistered, she was still very energetic.

It was not only because Kelly West was her idol, but also because along the way, she had heard a lot about An Chengqing’s legendary experiences.

After hearing so much, Xiao Churan even felt that if she continued to listen, she would have to change her idol from Kerri West to An Chengqing, who had died 20 years ago.

But she had no idea that this legendary woman was her husband’s mother.

When she returned home, Xiao Churan was already tired and sore from just sitting on the sofa.