Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4368

Ye Chen nodded slightly and instructed, “Have the brothers evacuate in an orderly manner, don’t leave any clues for the New York Police.”

Wan Bajun said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I have already arranged for my men to deal with this place in a comprehensive manner, so no clues will be left behind.”

Ye Chen looked at the villa and said, “Why don’t you buy the villa you rented and keep it as the stronghold of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in New York.”

“Good!” Wan Bajun immediately agreed and said, “Then I will have my men go to the agent today to talk about it and buy it as soon as possible.”

After saying that, Wan Bajun added, “Mr. Ye, I see that New York is not peaceful recently, do you need me to leave some of my men here to help Miss Fei?”

“No need.” Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “Fei Ke Xin has just sat as the head of the Fei family, if I were to keep people by her side at this time, it would give others the impression that I am trying to develop her into a puppet, so it is better not to cause such a misunderstanding.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Right, after this villa is bought, you can pick a few of the core members of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall with the cleanest identities and have them stay here temporarily, just in case.”

“No problem!” Wan Breaking Jun said, “Then my subordinate will make the arrangements later.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and added, “Right Broken Jun, there is one more thing that I need you to do.”

Wan Bajun said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, if there is anything you want, just give me an order.”

Ye Chen sighed and sighed, “Those videos I exposed out, in order to respect those innocent girls who died tragically, their facial features were blurred, this will definitely affect the subsequent confirmation of the victims’ true identities, so you go back and send the original files of these videos to the New York police in an anonymous way, so that they can work with the Fei family to determine all the victims’ identities, which will also allow the Fay family to complete the compensation as soon as possible.”

“Okay.” Wan Bajun spoke, “I’ll arrange for a technician to send an email to the New York Police directly from the overseas server later, and send them all the video files.”

At this moment, Fei’s group headquarters.

A large number of police officers and swat police had already surrounded Fei’s headquarters building.

All members of the building, whether they were employees, journalists or members of the Fei family, had to pa*s through the exits one by one in an orderly manner and undergo a full inspection as required by the police.

The police checked everyone’s identity in detail through face-to-face and fingerprint verification.

Su Ruoli’s identity was obvious, a young, tall Asian woman.

But the police still wouldn’t let go of any woman of any other colour or age, even if they knew they were looking for a woman, they still checked the identity of every male thoroughly, just in case there was any oversight and Su Ruoli took advantage of the opportunity to escape.

The extremely strict screening had caused everyone to grumble, especially those media reporters who hadn’t had the chance to leave yet.

So everyone simply didn’t rush to leave, and one by one, they all picked up their cameras and microphones and started reporting directly from the scene.

For a while, people all over America were watching the police action, wondering why the NYPD was making such a fuss over Fei’s group, after all, Fei’s group had just done an impeccable crisis PR, and the public’s concern for Fei’s group and Fei Kexin was at an all-time high.

Li Yalin was staying inside the makeshift command centre set up on site at the moment, convinced that he had come today out of the blue and there was no way Su Ruoli would have a chance to escape.

Now, what he was waiting for was to clear everyone from the Fei Group and then bring his men in to catch them in a jar!

At this time, his most trusted man called him.

When he saw the other party’s call, Li Yalin became excited, and after picking up the phone, he immediately asked, “What’s up, have you found the CCTV footage of the roast goose shop?”