Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4369

At this moment, Li Yalin’s heart was filled with two things.

One was to catch the murderer who had committed the killing spree in New York in the past two days.

The other is to help his good friend An Chongqiu find out what secrets Gu Qiuyi is carrying.

At the moment, Fei’s group was under full control and it was only a matter of time before Su Ruoli was found. Therefore, when he received the call, he was expecting his men to send him good news.

However, the voice on the other end of the phone said helplessly, “Chief, we have acted out a whole drama as you instructed, but to our surprise, there is no hard disk in the surveillance camera of that barbecue restaurant.”

“No hard drive?!” Li Yalin poured cold water over his entire body and asked offhandedly, “Why is there no hard disk? Did someone take it away in advance?”

The colleague I sent out replied, “The feedback from the colleague I sent out, that boss said that the hard drive had broken down before and it hadn’t been replaced with a new one.”

Li Yalin asked offhandedly, “What about the broken hard disk? Wasn’t it in the machine?”

The underling said, “No, I also asked, and he said that the hard disk space in the surveillance video recorder was indeed empty.”

Li Yalin’s expression froze and he said with a tight frown, “This isn’t right! If it really is a bad hard drive and he is not prepared to repair it, then there is absolutely no need for him to take the hard drive out of the hard drive machine, it’s like if your computer cpu is broken and then you are prepared to put this computer aside to idle, it’s already idle, would you still be the only one to key off the computer cpu?”

“This ……” The handlers mused and asked offhand, “Boss, you mean to say that there’s something wrong with that shop owner?”

“There is definitely something wrong with this person.” Li Yalin said in a cold voice: “Check that owner’s information for me, and also send some men to quietly put him under surveillance so that he doesn’t escape.”

Saying that, Li Yalin instructed again, “You have to remember that you must not alert the snake!”

“Yes!” The handlers immediately agreed and said, “I’ll arrange it then.”

After hanging up the phone, the person in charge on this side of the scene ran over again and said, “Inspector Li, the people at Fei’s group headquarters have almost been evacuated, there is no sign of that Su Ruoli yet, the special operations team will go in immediately with life detectors and search and rescue dogs.”

Li Yalin nodded and said, “Order down to make sure to search in a carpet style, combined with the architectural blueprint of the Fei Group’s headquarters building, don’t let go of any pa*sageway where there is a possibility of escape!”

The other party immediately said, “Please don’t worry, Inspector Li, we have cut off all the pipes connecting the group’s headquarters to the outside world, unless the other party turns into a fly and flies out, then it is definitely impossible for them to escape.”

“That’s good.” Li Yalin ordered, “Let the special warfare team begin! Before it gets dark, make sure to find that Su Ruoli for me!”


Meanwhile, Ye Chen had already left Long Beach and headed to the venue where Gu Qiuyi was performing.

As Gu Qiuyi was unable to carry her mobile phone with her during the rehearsals on stage, she had pulled a WeChat group in advance, pulling herself, Ye Chen and her manager Chen Duoduo into a group and putting Chen Duoduo in charge of receiving Ye Chen.

All the cast and crew a*sociated with the performance were fully engaged in the rehearsals, except for Gu Qiuyi’s agent Chen Duoduo who had nothing to do.

For Chen Duoduo, she was most busy before the show, such as negotiating various collaborations, promoting and coordinating various media resources, and researching how to help Gu Qiuyi with the resource exchange.

However, once the show entered the countdown, it also meant that her preliminary work had basically been completed, so she was free at this time.

Knowing that Ye Chen was coming, Chen Duoduo had been waiting outside the venue early, and when he saw Ye Chen arrive, he said, “Mr Ye, you’re here! Qiu Yi is rehearsing and asked me to receive you!”

Ye Chen looked at Chen Duoduo and asked in surprise, “Miss Duoduo, we have known each other for a long time, why have you suddenly become so polite today?”