Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3842

Because of the leg injury, Ma Lan seldom went out this time, so she was already a bit suffocated.

It just so happened that at this time Xiao Churan talked about going to the United States, and Ma Lan’s first thought upon hearing this was that she must follow him out to see the world.

Besides, she knew that Ye Chen was making easy money now, so she didn’t want to miss this good opportunity to go out with Ye Chen, and maybe Ye Chen would be able to buy something for himself.

When Xiao Churan heard her mother say that she wanted to go along, she was in a bit of a dilemma.

She felt that it would be the best solution for just Ye Chen to accompany herself, and that the situation would really be a bit awkward if she brought her mother along.

So she persuaded Ma Lan, “Mom, I think it’s better for you to rest at home, America is so mountainous and far away, it’s not easy to go there, besides you don’t have any friends there, it’s easy to get bored.”

Without hesitation, Ma Lan said, “I’m bored to death at home these days.

Xiao Churan was immediately out of ideas and could only look at Ye Chen with a helpless face, wondering if Ye Chen had any good way to dissuade his mother from this idea.

Ye Chen did not want Ma Lan to give up.

So, he said reasonably, “Mom, Chu Ran is going to the United States this time to attend a master cla*s and go to school for further studies, so she will probably be very busy at that time, in case she can’t take care of you, won’t it be boring for you to stay there?”

“It’s fine.” Ma Lan said without thinking, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t take care of me, if you can’t take care of me I’ll go out on my own, I’ve never been to America anyway, so I’m sure I’ll find everything new by then.”

At that time, the TV was showing “Yanjing People in New York”, and young people dreamed of going out of the past to have a look. I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty and the Hollywood Walk of Fame with my own eyes, but I never had the chance to go out for so many years, and this time, I finally have the chance to make my dream come true!”

Ye Chen thought to himself, “You’re making your dreams come true, but what about me and Chu Ran? If you really go along, won’t you ruin the world of Chu Ran and me?”

Thinking of this, Ye Chen immediately said, “Mom, to be honest with you, your leg is still not well enough, so you really need to take a good rest and recuperate, so you can’t run around and toss and turn.

Saying that, Ye Chen smiled slightly and added, “In my opinion, you might as well stay in Jinling and take a rest and recuperate, it just so happens that you have a good relationship with Qian Hongyan now, so you can let her keep you company.”

Ma Lan said, almost without thinking, “No! I’ll be scared to death if I live alone in such a big house!”

Ye Chen said, “Mom, before I leave, I will leave you 500,000 yuan for your pocket money.

When Ma Lan heard Ye Chen say he was going to give himself 500,000 pocket money, he asked excitedly, “Good son-in-law, you …… are really going to give mum 500,000? You’re not deliberately lying to mum and making fun of her, are you?”

Ye Chen knew that money would definitely work much better for Ma Lan than any Statue of Liberty.

Seeing that Ma Lan had really left her American dream behind, he said with a smile, “Mom, when have I ever made fun of you? Don’t worry, as long as you recuperate well in Jinling, I will definitely cash in the half million at the first opportunity!”

Ma Lan said with great enthusiasm, “Good son-in-law! Then it’s a deal! You can’t renege on anything you say!”