Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3841

After saying that, she looked at Ye Chen and said with some excitement, “But if you can accompany me, all these will not be a problem, we can rent a house near the school for a short time or just stay in a hotel, except for cla*s time, I may have to be separated from you temporarily, we can accompany each other at all other times! Of course, the main thing is for you to keep me company!”

Ye Chen could see the expectation in his wife’s eyes, and he knew very well that this was one of her biggest dreams, and that he, as a husband, should spare no effort to support her.

So he asked Xiao Churan, “Honey, when is this master cla*s of yours going to start?”

Xiao Churan replied, “If you are sure to go to it, then you have to report to the school at the end of the month, the course officially starts on the first of May and runs until the thirty-first of May.”

Saying that, Xiao Churan added to, “However, after the course ends on the thirty-first of May, there is a three-day salon, and when the salon is over, you can leave school.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen could not help but sigh with relief.

Going to America for over a month was a long time, but it was good that the time was at the end of the month, and by then, the auction would have ended, and one would have just enough on hand to relax.

In the country, apart from the Ye family, it was all about matters relating to the Dihao Group, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals and the Iso Shipping.

But the good thing was that these companies all had people to help him take care of them, and the Ye family also had the old man, Ye Zhongquan, personally sitting on their side, so there was hardly anything that really required Ye Chen’s own efforts.

What’s more, he still had a Ten Thousand Dragons Temple sitting behind him, so even if there were any accidents or changes in the middle, he would be able to respond in time and solve them quickly.

In this way, his time was also relatively much more relaxed.

It was not impossible for him to accompany Xiao Churan to the United States for a month or so, just to enjoy the world as a couple.

Thinking of this, he spoke up and said to Xiao Churan, “If you want to go, then I have no problem with it, and the time is more convenient for me, so I can accompany you there.”

“Really?!” Hearing this, Xiao Churan asked with evil incredulity, “Honey, are you really willing to accompany me to America?”

Ye Chen nodded with a smile and said seriously, “Of course, when has hubby ever lied to you?”

Xiao Churan’s whole body suddenly jumped into Ye Chen’s arms with excitement and said, “Great hubby! Thank you! ”

Ma Lan said with some anxiety, “Churan, your father is leaving for Korea in two days, so I don’t know when he will be back yet.

Xiao Churan said with an apologetic face, “Mom, I really want to go to the master cla*s in this world too much, so I’ll have to condemn you to live at home by yourself for this period of time.”

Ma Lan immediately cried and said, “Churan, Ma’s legs are not yet fully recovered, so it’s not convenient for her to do anything. To be frank with you, if the lift breaks down one day and I’m trapped inside, I’ll have no choice but to die. Can you really bear to let Mum face so many unknown dangers alone?”

At this time, Xiao Churan said ashamedly, “I’m sorry, Mom, I didn’t think thoroughly enough ……”

Xiao Churan thought he had found a good solution, so he asked, “Mom, would you like to come to America with us? It’s only a month or so in total anyway, so you can consider it a holiday.”

When Ma Lan heard this, she was immediately energised, and with a raised eyebrow and a smile, she said, “Hey! You really don’t say, I’ve never been to America until now, so this is a good opportunity to go out and see!”

With that, Ma Lan clapped her hands happily and said, “Good, good! Let’s make a deal then, I’ll go with you!”