Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3849

Lai Qinghua did not expect that this arrogant young man would be so humble in his attitude towards himself, and immediately realised that this must have been explained by Ye Chen in advance, so she could not help but feel a little more grateful to Ye Chen in her heart.

Although Ye Chen was much younger than her, in his opinion, from the point of view of his fate, Ye Chen was the supreme being, and although he was already over a hundred years old, it was only right for him to bow and curtsy when he saw Ye Chen.

However, he didn’t expect that Ye Chen would still make it a point to ask others to take care of his old bones, so he was somewhat flattered in his heart.

He then pointed at Fei Jianzhong and said to the staff member, “Little brother, this is my friend, I would like to go to the hotel with him after he has completed the check-in procedures, I wonder if it is okay?”

The staff member was busy saying, “Mr. Lai, you are a VIP, and VIPs and other bidders attending the auction don’t live in the same building, so you don’t have to wait for him to join you.”

Lai Qing Hua laughed and said, “It’s not in the way, the two of us are good friends, even if we don’t live together, I’ll wait for him to go together.”

“Good.” The staff hurriedly said, “Mr. Lai, please move to the car first and wait, he still has quite a lot of formalities to do on his side, and he still has to collect his clothes afterwards.”

Fei Jianzhong, who was at the side, asked in surprise, “Collecting clothes? What clothes?”

The staff member’s face immediately returned to cold as he said, “Mr. Chen has ordered uniform clothes for all of you bidders. After the registration is completed later, you will be issued two sets of custom-made clothing, and for the next few days, until the end of the auction, you must all wear the uniform clothing we have provided.”

Fei Jianzhong was depressed, but he did not dare to make any comments, so he could only sigh resentfully and, with the help of his butler, went to the registration reception point to check in.

The hardware at the reception desk was really poor.

Apart from a desk, there were only two square plastic stools placed in front of it.

In contrast, the staff behind the desk were sitting on the kind of office chairs with backrests, which were not upscale, but were still much better than the two plastic stools in front of them.

Fei Jianxin was a bit annoyed that he, a trillionaire, had to sit on a plastic stool that cost more than ten dollars a piece, and honestly handed over his pa*sport to the young men and waited for them to register.

One of the young men, holding Fei Jianzhong’s pa*sport, compared Fei Jianzhong’s face and repeatedly checked it several times, fearing that there might be a discrepancy between the person and the evidence.

After checking and confirming that it was him, one of the young men said, “035, your accommodation in Jinling this time will be arranged by us, but you will have to bear the cost of the room, the specific room type and the corresponding price will need to be introduced to you by the special staff after you arrive at the hotel, do you understand?”

Fei Jianzhong felt a taste of being about to go to prison, and nodded helplessly and gently, saying, “Yes, I understand.”

Immediately afterwards, the staff member took out two brand new tracksuit sets, each with the three Arabic numbers “035” printed on the plastic bag they were packed in.

He pushed these two sets of sportswear in front of Fei Jianzhong and said, “These are your clothes, two sets in total, the hotel will provide you with a clothing cleaning service once a day, two sets of clothes are enough for your daily replacement, but there is an extra charge for the cleaning service.”

Fei Jianzhong sighed and nodded, “I understand.”

The staff member glanced at the butler beside Fei Jianzhong as well as Yuan Zixu and spoke, “Each participant of the auction, from the day of check-in until the end of the auction, only one person is allowed to accompany you, and no one can be changed in between, so you have to think clearly in advance about who exactly you are bringing to check-in, and once you have decided, you can directly take him with you in the car to leave later on, while the others had better The rest of you had better transfer to Penniu Airport with the plane, or leave the airport on your own and solve the accommodation problem on your own.”

Fei Jianzhong did not expect the other party to be so restrictive and demanding, so he could only look at Yuan Zixu helplessly and said, “Master Yuan, it will be hard for you to come with me in these few days!”

Yuan Zixu hurriedly bowed his hand and said, “You are welcome, Master Fei, this is my duty!”