Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3653

“In short, I’m a piece of sh*t, you have a lot of grace, don’t treat me like such trash, I just ask you to give my son a chance to survive for the sake of his cancer, he’s only 12 years old ……”

Wei Liang said seriously, “Mr. Smith, there are millions of children with cancer in this world, and many of them are younger than your son, and your son, at the moment, is the only one who has received the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill, so I think you should be grateful and contented! Countless children like your son can only die in pain because they cannot be effectively treated, compared to your son, who is already too lucky.”

Smith also knew very well in his heart that the box of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills given by Wei Liang had already made his son much better and his life would last at least two to three months or even longer, which was already very lucky.

But for any parent, such times must be insatiable.

He had exhausted all the means of Western technology before, and now that he had finally come across a miracle medicine that had a chance of curing his son completely, how could he possibly give up?

Even if it killed him, he would still have to get this medicine so that his son’s life could be prolonged.

Although there are great differences between Eastern and Western cultures, when it comes to affection, it is largely the same, especially when it comes to parents’ selfless devotion to their children.

Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Mr Wei, don’t you want this medicine to be marketed in the United States? I will help you speed it up! I can issue a special approval order today to allow this drug to come in first for small-scale supply to designated medical institutions! At that time, we will add the actual results of its use to the public, and I believe it will definitely trigger a worldwide shock, and Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical will then definitely become famous worldwide quickly, and then, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical will definitely leap to become the most famous pharmaceutical company in the world ……”

He originally thought that as long as this point was thrown out, Wei Liang would definitely agree to it immediately.

After all, this was Wei Liang’s biggest demand, and the reason he had travelled all the way to the United States was to solve this problem.

And this was a problem that he himself could completely help him solve.

As the head of the FDA, this right is still available to him.

What’s more, this drug was indeed miraculous, and if he himself made an exception to introduce it into the United States quickly, he would definitely gain the praise and pursuit of people all over the country.

However, Smith did not expect that Wei Liang said in a flat tone, “Sorry Mr. Smith, our boss has changed his mind and will not put this drug on the market in the US for the time being, because the production of this drug is extremely limited and we are still ready to tighten it up, so I appreciate your kindness, but things will not be necessary.”

After saying that, Wei Liang added, “Mr. Smith, I’m a bit tired after flying for more than ten hours, so I’ll stop talking to you for now, goodbye.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Wei Liang hung up the phone straight away.

At this moment, the resentment squeezed in Wei Liang’s heart was finally swept away.

Previously, in front of Smith, he had been questioned and humiliated by him in a thousand ways, and he had been holding his anger in his heart.

Now, when he thought of Smith’s desperation at the other end of the phone, his heart ached.

Thinking of this, he also couldn’t help but mutter, “To say that it’s Master Ye who should be the one to fix people, to beat me to death, I couldn’t think of this set of play …… think that Smith must be worse than dead!”