Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3674

Hearing that ROGERS had asked him to lead a team to China to investigate and research, Nakamura Junpei was overwhelmed with excitement.

He agreed almost without hesitation, stood up straight like a soldier, then bowed and said, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Rogers, I will do my best to complete the mission!”

Satisfied with his attitude, Rutgers said, “When you arrive in China, make sure you get all the details right and don’t miss a single clue!”

Nakamura Junpei nodded his head repeatedly and said without hesitation, “I will do my best!”

Although Nakamura Junpei had been working very hard for so many years since he came to the United States, he had never been given much attention in the European and American-dominated team because he was of Asian descent, and so he had never been given good opportunities for promotion.

As he continues to grow older, Nakamura Junpei has started to worry about his future in the past two years.

His current income in the US is not much, to say the least, but it is certainly a lot, to say the least.

But because his wife is a very traditional Japanese woman whose daily job is to stay at home and raise her children, he has to carry all the expenses of the whole family on his own.

Toshihira Nakamura has three children, the eldest is about to go to university and the younger two are both in secondary school, but because they are all halfway immigrants, they do not speak English very well, and their grades in American schools are only average.

His eldest son, in particular, is about to go to university but has no chance of getting a university scholarship, so all the costs of future university education will cost at least $30,000 to $40,000 a year.

Add to this the mortgage, car payments, property taxes and all other expenses, and the pressure on Toshihira Nakamura is growing.

So, now that he has reached middle age, all he can think about is moving up the ladder.

At the very least, he must be able to make his wife and children’s future life and studies easier and free from aggression.

That’s why, when he heard the exchange between Rutgers and Smith, he volunteered to come forward and win Rutgers’ favour with his remarks.

Rogers was indeed pleased with him and said, “Your Japanese culture and customs are all derived from Chinese, I believe you must be closer to the core essence of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals than anyone else here, and with an Oriental face like yours, you are also safer than others when you arrive in China, so you must not let me down, and when you arrive in China, just ask for anything you need, and I will do my best to meet it. I will do my best to satisfy you.”

“Yes Mr Rogers!” Nakamura Junpei said excitedly, “Then I’ll start working on the preparations and leave as soon as possible!”

Rogers nodded and said to the others, “Any of you who are chosen by Toshihira Nakamura will be at his disposal and command unconditionally, he is the captain of this contingent and the sole supreme commander!”

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

Nakamura Junpei then immediately began to select his team members.

While he was actively preparing for his trip to China, the head of the military here had already reported ROGERS’ decision to the White House.

After learning that the reverse development had encountered some difficulties, the White House immediately instructed the CIA to send agents to Jinling to try to obtain the full formula of the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill directly from within Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.

To them, this drug was too important to pin all their hopes on the reverse development.


Meanwhile, Jinling, China.

The news of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills is high on the global scale.

This not only made Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical famous, but also caused sales of Jiu Xuan Stomach Pills to climb rapidly.

Patients who had not used Jiu Xuan Stomach Pills before also took the initiative to choose Jiu Xuan Stomach Pills because of this huge breakthrough of Jiu Xuan Reclaim Pills.

And with its powerful medicinal effects, Jiu Xuan Stomach Pill made these patients even more impressed with Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.

Taking advantage of this momentum, Wei Liang then started the promotion of Jiu Xuan Liver Protective Tablets and Jiu Xuan Solid Gold San.

When the outside world learned that Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical had another new drug and a new health product coming to market, almost everyone waited for the official launch of these two products.