Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3814

Soon after, Chen Yingshan arrived at Xiao Churan’s office, led by the female designer.

Xiao Churan also got up and walked out from behind his desk to greet him, smiling, “Why are you here so early, Miss Chen?”

Chen Yingshan smiled and said, “Mr. Xiao, I came here to confirm our construction period with you, our lady wants to know how long it will take for us to move in after the whole renovation.”

Xiao Churan said with some difficulty, “Miss Chen, this project is still in the communication stage, I don’t know how many times we need to find a balance in the communication, and I don’t know how many versions of the design sketch are needed to satisfy your Miss Zhan, so I can’t give you an exact time frame yet.”

Xiao Churan added, “However, I think this matter is divided into two steps, the first step is that we need to remove the original decoration first, this will be faster, the house situation I also understand better, I estimate that in the fastest case, all the interior soft and hard decoration can be removed in a week.”

“If we can finalise the design as soon as possible, the subsequent construction time is also better controlled.”

Chen Yinshan then followed her words and asked, “Mr. Xiao, if the design is finalised, then how long will it take from the day the design is finalised to the end of construction?”

Xiao Churan said with some difficulty, “To be honest, Miss Chen, I can’t guarantee you this now because we don’t know how difficult the finalised design will be to construct, and if the construction is very difficult, then the construction period will definitely be longer.”

“I have done interior design for some clients before, and some of them will specify a certain material from a certain country, for example, if someone likes natural marble imported from Italy, the stone has to be booked at least half a year in advance so as not to delay the decoration, and if the soft furnishings are imported furniture, the same applies. It’s the same thing if you choose imported furniture for the soft furnishings.”

“There are so many factors that can influence the construction time that it is impossible to give you an accurate time right away, and for a villa of this size, some people can finish it within a year, while others need five years to finish it, and the span is very large.”

When Chen Yinshan heard this, she said with a smile, “It seems that this renovation is indeed a very troublesome matter, and I see that you do seem to have to hurry up and meet with our lady, because I am not quite sure what specific needs our lady has, this will have to be a good chat between you and her face to face.”

“Right!” Xiao Churan also nodded in agreement and said, “I was just thinking about this, it would be best if I could meet your lady as soon as possible to understand her needs in person, so that I can prepare the first version of the design sketches.”

Chen Ying Shan was relieved.

She was still thinking about how she could talk to Xiao Churan without showing her face, but in a natural way, about asking her to meet with her.

Unexpectedly, after a few words, Xiao Churan had taken the initiative to make this request.

In this way, she was able to make use of the slope to get down.

So, she hurriedly said, “In that case, then Mr. Xiao, please wait for a moment, I will call our lady now and see what her schedule is.”

Xiao Churan was busy saying, “No problem!”

Chen Ying Shan immediately took out her mobile phone and called Fei Ke Xin.

Fei Ke Xin was waiting for her message in her room, so when the call came, she quickly picked up and asked in a pretentious manner, “Shan Shan, what’s up?”

She said she wanted to meet with you as soon as possible to talk about your design needs so that she could give you a sketch of the design.

Fei Kexin said casually, “I don’t have any plans for the morning, so why don’t you bring Mr. Xiao over now?”