Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3747

Xiao Changkun’s heart was particularly unpleasant and he couldn’t help but mutter in a somewhat depressed manner, “I think he, He Yuanjiang, is just a toad trying to eat swan’s flesh!”

President Pei frowned and asked in surprise, “Everyone has a very good impression of Professor He, why are you so prejudiced against him? The two of them are truly one of a kind, a male swan eating a female swan, a good match for each other!”

When Xiao Changkun heard him say that the male swan ate the female swan, he was even more furious in his heart and could not help but curse in his heart, “What do you mean, Old Pei? What male swan eats female swan? So I, Xiao Changkun, am the toad, right?”

President Pei saw the irritation on Xiao Changkun’s expression and exclaimed, “Changkun, you don’t have a crush on Professor Han, do you?”

President Pei did not know about the past of Xiao Changkun and Han Meiqing, he only knew that the two of them originally knew each other and were old cla*smates.

Moreover, Xiao Changkun had a family and a home, which President Pei knew very well, so he had not thought about it.

However, now that he saw that Xiao Changkun seemed to be very annoyed with Han Meiqing and He Yuanjiang’s close proximity, he immediately smelled something.

Xiao Changkun was really a textbook old wimp.

How could he dare to admit to being poked in the heart at such a time!

So he hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I didn’t, Chairman Pei, I just think that he, He Yuanjiang, is not good enough for Mei Qing.”

Chairman Pei nodded and said in a serious tone, “Chang Kun, it’s best if you don’t think that way! You should know that our Painting and Calligraphy a*sociation is half official, we represent the face of the cultural field, and you are a man with a wife, if there is any scandal at this time, or if you step on two boats, that is a style problem, I can’t even protect you!”

When Xiao Changkun heard this, his heart suddenly went cold, and Ma Lan’s face came to his mind.

He could almost imagine how Ma Lan would react if she knew that Han Meiqing had returned to China and was close to him.

I’m afraid it would be Mars on Earth!

However, even if I wanted to divorce Ma Lan, I would not have the chance to do so. Ma Lan had clearly said that she would not divorce herself, so even if she unilaterally sued for divorce, it would be impossible.

According to the current regulations, if both parties are not seriously at fault, they must have lived apart for two years before filing for divorce, otherwise the court will rule against it even if they do.

Moreover, if he really wanted to separate from Ma Lan, Ma Lan would have tortured himself to death during these two years.

When he thought of this, Xiao Changkun was so nervous that his body felt uncomfortable.

He had been with Ma Lan for so many years and had been suppressed by her for so many years that he had developed a strong mental fear of her.

Although he is a big man and Ma Lan is just a shrew, there are times when there is a shadow in the psyche, or when he is PUA by years and years of suppression, a big man can easily be in an absolutely pa*sive and vulnerable position.

In reality, although most domestic violence is perpetrated by men against women, there are a few cases of domestic violence perpetrated by women against men.

In most cases, men are violent towards women because they are naturally stronger than women and have the upper hand physically.

When women are violent towards men, it is mostly because the woman has put years and years of mental pressure on the man in her own way, causing him to become mentally accustomed to being submissive and to being constantly oppressed by him.

This was the case with Xiao Changkun.

He knew that Ma Lan was a stumbling block between himself and Han Meiqing, but he still did not have the courage to kick her away.

Seeing him dazed in place, President Pei could not help but ask him, “Changkun, what are you thinking about?”

Only then did Xiao Changkun come back to his senses and said busily, “Nothing, nothing.”

President Pei didn’t think much of it and instructed, “Hurry up and go, that Chinese is still waiting!”