Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4129

With that, Hattori Kazuo turned his words and said in a stern voice, “To begin with, if you don’t do as I say, your family will definitely die!”

Then, Hattori Kazuo’s expression eased a little more instantly and said seriously, “Chen Fu, I am not some kind of psychopathic murderer either, I just want to finish my mission and leave the US safely with the money, so I don’t need to kill your family.”

Chen Fu said warily, “Who knows if you will kill people after the deed is done? In the vast majority of kidnapping cases, the kidnappers will kill the hostages to avoid exposure!”

“Exterminate?” Hattori Ichigo laughed contemptuously and said, “Use your head Chen Fu, I came to see you today in my real face, and I will also appear at the banquet hall in my real face on the night of the 11th, and I will also be caught by all the surveillance cameras in the banquet hall then. Isn’t that self-deceiving?”

Hearing this, Chen Fu also more or less believed in Hattori Kazuo’s words in his heart.

According to his conventional understanding of criminals, the reason for killing to silence them was to avoid exposure, and Hattori Kazuo’s words did make sense, since they were themselves meant to be exposed, killing to silence them was tantamount to covering one’s ears.

Thinking of this, he looked at Kazuo Hattori and said offhandedly, “Yes! I promise you! Please make sure you don’t hurt my family!”

“Don’t worry.” Hattori Kazuo smiled faintly and said seriously, “On the night of the 11th, my men will feed and drink your family, then hide the container in an absolutely safe place, and when I leave the United States, I will send you the location of the container, and you will be able to rescue them that night.”

Speaking of this, Hattori Kazuo added thoughtfully, “Chen Fu, after we leave, the police will probably look for you to investigate and even list you as a suspect, you don’t have to be afraid, just tell the truth, you can even directly tell the police the location of the container and let them help you to rescue your family, this way they will also believe more in what you say, I believe that even if they I believe that even if they hold you responsible, it won’t be too heavy, at most you will go to jail for a few years, but your family will all be able to survive safely.”

When Chen Fu heard this, he felt a little more grateful to Hattori Kazuo.

It was because he had not expected that these kidnappers would think so carefully about themselves, and they did seem to have some kindness in them.

It was also Hattori Kazuo’s words of attack that had completely dispelled Chen Fu’s doubts.

He then looked at Hattori Kazuo and said, “On the 11th night, bringing you to the banquet hall as a waiter, that’s all I have to do, right?”

Hattori Kazuo laughed, “Not just me, but eight people, and as long as you get the eight of us in there, your job is done.”

As far as I know, the charity dinner you are having on the 11th night will be very large, with at least two to three hundred guests present, and the dinner will be of a very high standard, so you will definitely need more staff, and when the time comes, you can tell the others that the eight of us are from other departments, or from other The other people will definitely not be suspicious.”

Chen Fu nodded gently.

In order to maximise profits, the hotel really did not normally have a very sufficient number of staff, and usually needed and requisitioned them on an ad hoc basis.

In New York’s free labour market, there are a large number of temporary workers who work one day and lie down for three days. As long as they don’t have money to eat, they will work around to earn some living expenses.

One day they are working as a waiter in a hotel, the next day they are working as a dishwasher in a restaurant, and the next two days they are working as porters on a construction site.

So, if he arranged for eight temporary workers to come in at that time, he would certainly not arouse any suspicion.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said to Kazuo Hattori, “Fine! I promise you! I will definitely put you guys in when the time comes!”