Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4320

As for the Fei family head, there would be nothing left to hold on to.

At this thought, Fei Jianzhong’s mood brightened up.

This feeling of clarity was not just a window opened in his heart, it was a painful feeling of tearing down the room in his heart.

So, almost without thinking, he put a quarter of the Spring Return Pill into his mouth, closed his eyes and felt the extraordinary medicinal power of the Pill with his heart.

Although it was only a quarter of a pill, the medicinal effect was still very obvious.

Fei Jianzhong only felt as if his body was instantly lighter, and his exhausted body and sluggish spirit were greatly improved in an instant.

This made him feel the way he did a few years ago again.

When he hit his age, every day he could feel that his body was greatly deteriorating, so getting back his youth of a few years all of a sudden made Fei Jianzhong’s physique, spirit as well as physical strength, all recovered in an instant.

Seeing that Elder Fei’s physique had visibly improved a lot, each and every member of Fei’s family was also speechless with astonishment.

He could not help but sigh in his heart when he saw how effective a quarter of the Spring Return Pill was, “No wonder the old man was willing to spend over 200 billion on the Spring Return Pill. In that case, I’m afraid that he would be almost as old as me ……”

Then, he couldn’t help but think in his heart, “If the old man still has the chance to obtain more Spring Return Pills, then I’m probably going to die ahead of him ……”

Thinking of this, Fei Shanhai’s entire body was somewhat disheveled.

He knew that he had now surrendered, and something like the Spring Return Pill would definitely have no chance with him.

At this time, Fei Jianzhong’s whole person was already excited with old tears, he had finally obtained the Spring Return Pill as he wished, and in the next few years, he no longer had to worry about death coming to him.

He was so excited that he wept silently for a long time before he opened his eyes and looked at Ye Chen, choking back tears of gratitude, “Mr Ye, thank you for your kindness! I will certainly remember it for the rest of my life!”

Ye Chen waved his hand and pointed at Fei Ke Xin, “If you want to thank me, thank your granddaughter, she gave you the Spring Return Pill.”

Fei Jianzhong nodded his head repeatedly, “I understand!”

After saying that, he hurriedly turned around and said to Fei Ke Xin, “Ke Xin …… thank you ……”

Fei Kexin was busy saying, “Grandpa, what are you talking about, these are all things that I am obliged to do!”

Fei Jianzhong couldn’t help but sigh: “Good child, grandpa really didn’t love you for nothing ……”

Ye Chen then looked at the time and spoke, “It’s late, I have to go back to Providence, you guys sort it out internally tonight, when tomorrow morning, it will be officially announced to the whole society, I will be waiting in front of the TV to see how you perform!”