Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3937

This was a true turning back of time.

Just half a Spring Return Pill allowed Ye Zhongquan to find the state he was in ten years ago, transforming from an old man with a head full of silver hair to a spirited old man with white hair and still looking old and strong.

And the efficacy of this half of the Spring Return Pill made the 400-odd people in the audience refresh their knowledge of Spring Return Pills once again!

A fierce chatter erupted from the stage.

“My goodness! So the effects of half a Spring Return Pill are this strong! This Ye Zhongquan looks at least ten years younger!”

“Incredible! It’s really incredible! If half a Spring Recovery Pill has such an effect, wouldn’t a whole one be unbelievable?”

“You don’t have to say it! If you take a whole rejuvenation pill, you’ll be twenty years younger for sure!”

“God …… how can there be such a miraculous medicine in the world?! How can it turn back time? I’m even beginning to wonder if I’ve had a long dream ……”

The four portions of Spring Return Pills just now were basically used by the bidders to cure their illnesses because of the small portion size, and the improvement of their illnesses was obvious, but it did not reflect well the miraculousness of the Spring Return Pills to bring people back to their youth.

Now, everyone has finally witnessed the most miraculous aspect of the Spring Return Pill, which is the turning back of time.

The huge changes visible to the naked eye of Ye Zhongquan also made those who were intent on competing for the last Spring Return Pill become even more confident and eager for it.

While Fei Jianzhong was extremely eager for the Spring Return Pill, he also had to admit that the auction had simply guessed the psychology of this group of tycoons to the extreme.

Whether it was the formulation of the auction rules or the step-by-step rhythm of stimulating everyone’s appetite, all of them had pinpointed these tycoons to death step by step.

When he saw for himself that Ye Zhongquan had taken half a Spring Return Pill and had such an effect, he immediately wondered unconsciously what kind of miraculous effect it would have if Ye Zhongquan had just taken a whole one.

Perhaps, instead of his hair becoming white, most of it would have turned black.

And his age would not look like he had gone from eighty back to seventy, but from eighty back to sixty, I’m afraid!

And Fei Jianzhong could not help but think, what if he had taken a whole pill himself?

Perhaps he would no longer be a dying old man in his nineties who was dying, but a healthy old man who looked in his early seventies and still looked old and strong, just like Ye Zhongquan on the stage now.

At this moment, his desire for the Spring Return Pill was at its peak.

Apart from him, Huo Yuanzheng as well as Bernard Elnor shared his thoughts.

Fei Jianzhong, on the other hand, had already begun to analyse his two competitors in his mind, in earnest, at this point.

When he spread his left hand, he thought of Bernard Aylneau in his mind, and muttered in a very low voice: “This guy is worth just over US$100 billion, I forgive him for not being able to get too much money, above US$80 billion he should not be able to afford to play, not enough to be feared ……”

Then, he spread his right hand, what he thought of in his mind, was that 99 Huo Yuanzheng, while his mouth continued to mutter, “His strength is unfathomable, if he really goes out to compete with me, I am definitely not his opponent, but if I remember correctly, he is not even fifty years old this year, he is not at all old enough to need to take the rejuvenation pill ……”

When he said this, his eyebrows slightly relaxed as he secretly thought, “I guess he probably just came over this time to probe the reality of the Spring Return Pill, if that’s the case, then I have nothing to worry about!”

Just at this time, the staff sent Ye Zhongquan, who was ten years younger, back to the VIP seats.

Song Wanting then spoke up, “Ladies and gentlemen, the next item to appear is the final lot of our auction tonight! It is also the only whole copy of the Spring Return Pill that will be auctioned off tonight!”